Saturday, April 1, 2017

IQA to Raise Referee Payments

The IQA has announced exclusively to the Quidditch Post that it will require all member leagues to pay increased and standardized wages to referees and snitch runners.

Beginning on July 1, 2017, the IQA will require all head referees to be paid the local equivalent of 50 Euros per game, with all assistant referees required to make 20 Euros per game and snitch referees and snitch runners being paid the local equivalent of 10 Euros per game. These regulations will only be enforced for NGB-run events, such as regional or national championships, however adoption will be strongly encouraged for all events.

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“We recognize that in order to improve the on-field product we are producing, we need to have the best possible referees and snitches,” said IQA Executive Director Rebecca Alley. “The IQA is very focused on having a uniform standard of officiating and we feel that standardizing wages across all countries is key to that effort,” she continued

The announcement has received mixed reviews among member NGBs who will be impacted by the policy.

“We appreciate the IQA standardising rules worldwide, this is a very important step in ensuring that we act as one sport,” said Quidditch Nederland President Chula Bruggeling.

“USQ is deeply concerned about the IQA’s meddling in the playing of quidditch worldwide, said US Quidditch Executive Director Sarah Woolsey. “We did not spend years ignoring most of the quidditch-playing world and allow them to form their own governing bodies for them to then be able to tell us what to do.”

“Canada is very committed to this policy, and think it’s a great step for the organization,” said Quidditch Canada Communications Director Yara Kodershah.

As of publication, it is unclear whether NGBs will adopt the IQA’s requirements. It seems clear that USQ is prepared to split with the IQA over increased interference in its operations and an anonymous source has informed us that Quidditch Canada is considering similar. However, our source told us that Quidditch Canada is not prepared to place itself in a league solely with USQ as that might make some of its members happy.

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