2016 Free Agent Database

Departing Players



Derby Union QC

Matthew Guenzel - beater to HogYork Horntails
Phil Brown - beater to HogYork Horntails

Durham University QC

Jackie Woodburn - chaser to Velociraptors QC

Holyrood Hippogriffs

Ben Middlemiss - beater to Warwick QC

Keele Squirrels

Ben Morton - chaser/seeker to Velociraptors QC
Connor Simpson - beater to Bathilisks QC
Dave Goddin - beater to Velociraptors QC
Jen McCallum - chaser
Hannah Watts - chaser
Ollie Hymers - chaser/beater
Tom Norton - chaser/beater to Werewolves of London

Leeds Griffins

Emilie Van Der Gucht - beater to Durham University QC
Steven Daly - beater to Durham University QC

St. Andrews Snidgets
Alix Marie d'Avigneau - beater
Aakash Gupta -  chaser, keeper
Caitlyn Ramsey - seeker, chaser


Oxford University QC

Ash Cooper - chaser/seeker
Michael Holloway - keeper/chaser to Cambridge University QC
Jan Mikolajczak - beater/chaser to Werewolves of London

Southampton QC
Aaron Veale - chaser
Alex Greenhalgh - beater to Werewolves of London
Amy Tucker - retired due to injury
Jemma Thripp - chaser to Werewolves of London
Karol Kwasnicki - chaser
Luke Garland - keeper
Fraser Posford - chaser to Madrid Wolves
Matt Davy-Cripwell - keeper
Natasha Ferenczy - chaser to Werewolves of London
Nikita Gale - chaser
Ollie Craig - keeper/seeker
Vince Fouré - keeper to Werewolves of London

Warwick QC
Anthony Tatman- chaser
Dina Caruso -  chaser to Hinkypunks Bologna
Luke Williams - chaser

United States

Great Lakes

University of Southern Indiana
Cole Musgrave - beater
Shane Ritz - keeper

Matt Loberg - chaser
Charlotte Tierney - chaser
Colin Omilanowski - keeper


Chris Champitto - chaser
Courtney Reynolds - beater
Emma Troxler - chaser


Florida State
Annabelle Blevins - chaser
Jared Bufkin - chaser, keeper
Billy Mauer - beater
Ben Pifer - beater
TJ Taylor - beater
Jamin Weeks - chaser

Southern Storm
Anderson Breeland - beater
Tyler Hemerly - beater
Christa Kelly - chaser
Ray Taylor - chaser


Anteater Quidditch
James Luby - chaser

Arizona State University
Tyler Ortiz - chaser

Los Angeles Gambits
Ricardo Arreola - beater
Matthew Ziff - beater

Lost Boys
Margo Aleman - chaser, seeker
Tiffany Chow - chaser
Frank Gao - chaser (still confirming)

Santa Barbara Blacktips
Brian Vampola - beater
Elisabeth Ingeberg Jørstad- chaser- returning to NTNUI Rumpeldunk

University of Southern California
Remington Conaster - chaser, keeper
Ryan Parson - keeper
Nicté Sobrino - beater


Rain City Raptors
Robert Stolzberg - chaser

Players Looking for Teams

United States


Bruce Donnelly (formerly Tri-State Lightning) - chaser, beater (New York, NY - willing to travel far as necessary) - contact via Facebook

Sarah Goad (formerly College of Charleston Quidditch) - beater (Boston, MA - willingness to travel depends on ease) - contact via Facebook

Chiara Sander (formerly Silicon Valley Vipers) - chaser, beater (Boston, MA - willing to travel 30 minutes) - contact via Facebook


German Barrios (formerly UMiami) - chaser, keeper (North Carolina - willing to travel 20 miles) - contact via Facebook

Bernie Berges (formerly UMiami) - chaser, beater, keeper (Washington, DC - willing to travel 1 - 2 hours)

Chris Champitto (formerly UNC) - chaser, beater, seeker (location unknown as of now - willing to travel about an hour) - contact via Facebook

Anthony Rieger - chaser, beater, seeker (Richmond, VA - willing to travel 1 hour) - contact via Facebook

Dominick Schumacher (formerly UofR) - chaser, beater (Washington, DC - willing to travel 20 miles)

Aaron Shank (formerly UNC Greensboro) - beater, chaser, keeper (Greensboro, NC - willing to travel two hours) - contact via Facebook

Great Lakes

Ryan Cleary (formerly CWRUcio) - chaser, keeper (Cleveland, OH - prefers to travel 30 minutes) - contact via Facebook


Alex Garancheski (formerly LHU) - chaser (Denver, CO) - contact via Facebook


Robin Coleman (formerly RCQC) - chaser, beater (Mobile, AL - willing to travel anywhere in the South) - contact via Facebook

Mark Griffin (formerly USF) - beater, chaser, keeper (Tampa, FL - willing to travel in Florida) - contact via Facebook

Rebecca Shrem (formerly TTQ) - chaser, beater (Knoxville, TN - willing to travel 30 minutes) - contact via Facebook

Amy L. Sullivan (formerly RCQC) - chaser, beater, seeker (likely located on the East Coast - willing to travel 90 minutes) contact via email


Daniel Bellini (formerly California Dobbys) - chaser, keeper (Austin, TX - willing to travel 45 minutes)

Randi Jamer - chaser, beater (Phoenix, AZ - willing to play for any local community team)

Teams Looking for Players


Danube Direwolves

Vienna, Austria - Contact via Facebook

Why you should join?
We're a lovely bunch of Quidditch-enthusiasts, who play every Saturday morning on the most awesome pitch, the "Danube Island", an island in central Vienna.
Our main focus is having fun playing, while also trying to improve our play, to kick ass someday


Pressburg Phantoms

Bratislava, Slovakia - Contact via email or Facebook  

Why you should join?
You should definitely join our team just because we are great. You can also find great friendships here and play sport, which we all love.


Gothenburg Griffins

Gothenburg, Sweden - Contact via email or Facebook  

Why you should join?
We're a team with ambition. Joining us would mean you'd help build quidditch in Sweden. In addition, we're the only team in our area.



St. Andrews Snidgets

St. Andrews, UK - Contact via Facebook



Bath, UK - Contact Thomas Newton or Connor Simpson via Facebook or email bath.quidditch@gmail.com

Why you should join?
-Starting up with a real competitive drive
-You get the enjoyment of moulding a brand new club and taking pride in its success.
-Have you been to Bath? The place is gorgeous!

Warwick QC

Coventry, UK - Contact Hannah Dignum via Facebook

Why you should join?
Warwick are always looking for new players- no matter what quidditch experience you have, I like to think we've done a good job at making our latest players feel like WQC is there home. Plus we are quite good

United States

Great Lakes

Southern Indiana

Evansville, IN - Only open to University students. Contact via Facebook.


Horn Tailed Horcruxes

South Orange, NJ - Looking players who love the game. Contact via Facebook

Why you should join?

We play quidditch because we love it. It's not about winning or losing, we go out there and do our best and at the end of the day, we had a great time.

Tri-State Lightning

Bayonne, NJ - Looking for players who can commit to consistent participation of at least one practice per week. Contact via email

Why you should join?

An official community team focused on skill enhancement in a chill environment. We just wanna come up with some crazy strategies, chill, and go to US Cup.

University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, NC - Looking for players who can attend practice once a week on average to be considered for a roster position. Individual circumstances are accounted for. Contact via Facebook

Why you should join?

There are no local community teams and we are hoping to get enough player density to have one grow out of the college team over the next season or two. Until then it keeps you playing the game and in consideration for a competitive roster.


Colorado Quidditch (temporary name)

Denver, CO - looking for players who will attempt to attend practices regularly. Contact via Facebook

Why you should join?

Colorado is a beautiful place to live and is located around numerous states that express the commitment to Quidditch. There are some longer trips to play in official tournaments but there is a major opportunity to establish Colorado as a destination for Quidditch enthusiasts.


The Warriors

New York, NY - Players should be able and willing to attend at least one practice a week, complete workouts on their own time and live in the tri-state area (NY/NJ/PA). Contact via email or Facebook

Why should you join?

The Warriors is a back-to-back Sweet 16 squad featuring talented, driven and competitive athletes. We have a team-first mentality and give it our all 100% of the time.


Rain City Raptors

Seattle, WA - looking for players in the Washington or Oregon area. Open to players with previous quidditch experience, and also new players with an athletic/competitive background. We have a wide-spread player base, and will be having at least one practice/tournament per month. Contact via Facebook

Why you should join?

We are a very competitive group of players with 3-5 years of experience each! During the 2015-16 season we finished 2nd in the Northwest region, and qualified for and attended Quidditch Cup 9. The Raptors are open to recruiting for all positions! Come check us out!


Florida State University

Tallahasse, FL  - Open to students and faculty. Contact via Facebook

Why you should join?

For students you don't even need to go off campus

Southern Storm

North Carolina/South Carolina - Looking for dedication to attend events and pay dues. Contact via Facebook

Why you should join?

We are on the Come Up. South Region team that gets a lot of Mid-Atlantic action. Great group of friends, well liked within the community, yet competitive

University of Florida Quidditch

Gainesville, FL - Open to students and faculty. Contact via Facebook    


  1. Where did you guys get this information? Some of it is incorrect.

  2. Where did you guys get this information? Some of it is incorrect.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. If you have a correction please email us at quidditchpost@gmail.com. We got all of this information through submissions, so we acknowledge that this is incomplete. We highly encourage everyone to submit new information.