Friday, July 8, 2016

BREAKING: IQA Issues Formal Statement Reversing Stance on Uganda Refunds

Chris Daw, official spokesperson for the four IQA Trustees, has reached out to the Quidditch Post to rectify earlier statements. Contrary to earlier reports from Tournament Director Matthew Guenzel, requests for refunds, resulting from Uganda’s drop from World Cup 2016 that was announced earlier today, will be taken from all donors to the Uganda Indiegogo campaign, the Quidditch Post can exclusively reveal. All requests for refunds will be fulfilled, however without a request for a refund, the funds will remain with the IQA.
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Refund requests, and requests for additional information, can be made through Daw who can be reached by email at or by phone at  +12506612647, though Daw requests that callers be mindful that he is located in the Pacific Time Zone (GMT -7).

Those funds that are retained by the IQA will be distributed as part of the IQA Special Projects Fund which directly goes toward promoting community involvement and quidditch sporting development. While some of these funds may eventually be used by Uganda, the IQA is not committing to any particular recipient of the money.

The circumstances around Guenzel’s earlier statements and the directive for him to make those statements is under investigation by the IQA Board of Trustees. A formal statement will be released at the conclusion of said investigation.

“The trustees continue to have full confidence in the World Cup Organizing Committee and are looking forward to a successful World Cup,” said Daw.

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