Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mock National Team - Australia

You voted, and we delivered. Here are the 21 mock national players for Australia, compiled by a selection panel with input from the public’s votes. The voters’ choices made up the core team, with tie breakers decided by a selection panel consisting of Chiani Sharma, Katelyn Stubberfield, Rajtilak Kapoor, Rayan Calimlim, and Thomas Russell.

Team Australia placed 2nd in the 2014 Global Games. | Photo Credit: Janet Hoffar Photography

Four players were voted in from the University of New South Wales Snapes on a Plane (UNSW), once again showing off their superb program. The Melbourne Manticores and the Perth Phoenixes also had strong showings with three players each, while the Newcastle Fireballs, Monash Muggles, Australian National University Owls (ANU), and the Wrackspurts all had two players make the cut. Finally, the University of Sydney Unspeakables, Blackburn Basilisks, and Western Sydney Quidditch Club Spartans (WSQC) got one representative apiece. Overall, there is a nice mix from a lot of strong teams around Australia.

Callum Mayling (Melbourne Manticores)
James Mortensen (ANU)
Rajtilak Kapoor (UNSW)

Andrew Culf (UNSW)
Caitlin Thomas (Monash Muggles)
Cassia Menkhorst (Melbourne Manticores)
Dameon Osborn (Newcastle Fireballs)
Hannah Monty (WSQC)
James Williams (Melbourne Manticores)
James Osmond (Blackburn Basilisks)
James Hyder (Perth Phoenixes)
Michelle Mannering (UNSW)
Nathan Morton (Monash Muggles)

Ashwin Tembe (UNSW)
Deni Tasman (Wrackspurts)
Desany Phanoraj (Newcastle Fireballs)
Katelyn Stubberfield (Perth Phoenixes)
Luke Derrick (Sydney Unspeakables)
Shane Young (Perth Phoenixes)
Shu Ying Lee (ANU)

Neil Kemister (Wrackspurts)

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