Monday, February 29, 2016

Mock National Team - USA

With World Cup 2016 the real World Cup in Frankfurt, Germany just a few months away, USQ has given James Hicks and Mollie Lensing the well-deserved honor of head coach and assistant coach, respectively, for the US National Team. What we are waiting on now, though, are the names for the roster itself.

After getting a lot of input from everyone who filled out our poll on the topic, a selection committee discussed the responses and decided on what we think would be the best team to represent the United States at World Cup.

Unsurprisingly, the Southwest region has the most representatives, with eight players selected for our World Cup dream team. Five of these players are from the same team Lone Star Quidditch Club (LSQC) which is the same number of players that the second most represented region, the West, has in total. The Northeast and the Great Lakes ended up being the only other regions to have more than one representative, each with two.

Stephen Bell (Southwest: LSQC)
Alex Browne (West: The Lost Boys)
Tony Rodriguez (West: Los Angeles Gambits)

Stephen Bell of Lone Star QC at Bat City Showcase. | Photo Credit: Jessica Jiamin Lang Photography

Simon Arends (Southwest: LSQC)
Andrew Axtell (Great Lakes: Michigan Quidditch Team)
Bernie Berges (South: University of Miami)
Brandon Booth (Northwest: Rain City Raptors)
Becca DuPont (Southwest: LSQC)
Vanessa Goh (West: The Fighting Farmers of America)
Lindsay Marella (Mid-Atlantic: Rutgers University Quidditch)
Kody Marshall (Southwest: LSQC)
Chris Scholz (Southwest: LSQC)

Bernardo Berges of University of Miami, mid brooms up. | Photo Credit: Nicole Robson Photography

Alyssa Burton (West: Los Angeles Gambits)
Ashley Calhoun (Great Lakes: Lake Effect Maelstrom)
Max Havlin (Northeast: Quidditch Club Boston)
Jackson Johnson (Southwest: Texas State University - San Marcos)
Chris Seto (West: The Lost Boys)

Alyssa Burton of Los Angeles Gambits protecting her team’s keeper at Bat City Showcase. | Photo Credit: Jessica Jiamin Lang Photography

Jeffrey Siwek (Midwest: Illinois State University Firebirds)

Utility Players:
Kaci Erwin (Southwest: Texas Cavalry)
Harry Greenhouse (Northeast: Quidditch Club Boston)
Augustine Monroe (Southwest: Texas Cavalry)

Kaci Erwin of Texas Cavalry at USQ World Cup 8 on alma mater Texas Quidditch. | Photo Credit: Sofia de la Vega Photography

A special thank-you goes to all of the people who voted on the initial poll, as well as the members of our selection committee. The committee included Bruce Donnelly, Chris Champitto, Mike Pascutoi, Andy Marmer, Steve Minnich, Shannon Moorhead, Griffin Conologue, Kyle Carey, Taylor Veracka, Jon Quattlebaum, Kody Marshall, David Wilber, Benji B’Shalom, Chris Lock, Cody Narveson, Marcus Toomey, and Chris Fisher.

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  1. My only question is: why do y'all got Brandon Booth instead of Stewart Driflot from the Northwest on this "Dream Team"? Stew is by far a better player, who is also far more experienced.