Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Announcing The 2015-16 Best Uniform Contest

Last year, the world determined that the Belgian Gryffins had the best quidditch uniforms around. This year we’re back to see if anyone can unseat them.

Last year's winning design was created by Julie-Anne Weber of Row West | Photo Credit: Row West
Criteria: Aesthetics, color and design, representation of the team, logo, and intangible features.

Entry: To enter, email one picture of your nominee to by 11:59 PM EST on Nov. 4 6. All additional photos will be posted as comments on the original. Collages are encouraged. Only one entry per team will be accepted.

Editor's Note: We have pushed the deadline back to Nov. 6

Preliminary Round: Each of the following regions will have one uniform go through to the finals based on the popular vote. The timing of the preliminary round will be announced on Nov. 5.
  1. USQ - Great Lakes
  2. USQ - Mid-Atlantic
  3. USQ - Midwest
  4. USQ - Northeast
  5. USQ - Northwest (Including University of British Columbia)
  6. USQ - South
  7. USQ - Southwest
  8. USQ - West
  9. Canada
  10. United Kingdom - North
  11. United Kingdom - South
  12. France/Norway
  13. Catalonia/Spain
  14. Benelux
  15. Italy/Germany/Austria/Poland
  16. Rest of Europe
  17. Australia
  18. National teams
  19. Other

Editor's Note: The allocation of finals have been changed to better reflect the demographics of worldwide quidditch. If no finalist emerges from any group, the judges will make an extra selection

The remaining six finalists will be determined by the judges.

Judges: All interested judges should email the Quidditch Post explaining why they should be chosen. Judges will be announced on Nov. 5.

Prizes: At the moment, there are no prizes; however, anyone interested in sponsoring the contest should email the Quidditch Post.

Voting: Individuals may vote for their selection by liking the image on our Facebook page. Individuals may vote for as many uniforms as they like.

Finals: The finals will occur following the preliminary round. The winner from among the 25 finalists will be determined by two components. The judges’ votes will make up half of the final rankings. A voting round (again composed of liking a team’s photo on the Quidditch Post’s Facebook page) will the other half of the final ranking.

Questions: If there are any questions, please contact the Quidditch Post, and we will do what we can to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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