Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kai Shaw and Sherrie Talgeri Appointed As Continental Europe Editors

The Quidditch Post is thrilled to announce the hiring of two editors that will oversee our Continental Europe coverage: Sherrie Talgeri and Kai Shaw.

The change will become effective Aug. 1 after the 2015 European Games in Sarteano, Italy.

Sherrie and Kai bring a variety of experience to the role and should complement each other well. Sherrie, a student at Durham in the United Kingdom will be studying abroad in Belgium beginning in September and anticipates joining a Belgian team. Kai, one of the founding fathers of Norwegian quidditch, has a plethora of experience across the continent.

Shaw is one of the founding fathers of Norwegian quidditch.
Photo credit: Jun Aishima

Quidditch Post COO Jack Lennard who will oversee Talgeri and Shaw: “'I'm extremely happy with these two hirings, just the latest in a long line of serious investment the Quidditch Post is making in international quidditch coverage,” said Lennard. “Between both Kai and Sherrie there is an incredible amount of knowledge, leadership, vision, and talent, and they will be huge assets to the growing Continental Europe department. With them at the helm, the Quidditch Post will cement its position as the primary international source of quidditch media.”

Talgeri welcomed the opportunity. “I can't wait to get started on bringing more coverage than ever before to Continental Europe,” she said. “The level and spread of quidditch across the region has exploded, and it's time for the media coverage to reflect that. I'll be based in Belgium and France next year, and I'm so excited to be working with Kai on such an ambitious and worthwhile project.”

Talgeri will be studying abroad from September in Belgium.
Photo credit: Sherrie Talgeri

Shaw echoed Talgeri’s enthusiasm. “I am very excited to be joining the Quidditch Post as co-editor of continental Europe together with Sherrie,” he said. “There has been too little coverage of the region so far, and I hope to help change that, both by increasing the coverage of the major international tournaments and to cover both national tournaments both in english and in their native language.”

Abby Whiteley who was previously overseeing both the Continental Europe coverage and the United Kingdom will focus exclusively on the United Kingdom.

With the hiring of Talgeri and Shaw, the Quidditch Post now has staffers located on four continents and eight countries.

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