Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SQC 3 Confirmed

By Jack Lennard, Quidditch Post COO

Anchors have been spotted around the country for months...or at least in the South, but we can exclusively confirm that the long-rumored Southampton Quidditch Club 3 does, in fact, exist, and will be confirmed to the world shortly.

While the team’s debut date is not yet certain, the Quidditch Post has it on good authority that Southampton Quidditch Club 3, the secretive and shadowy third team of SQC, will be expected to be equally as talented as the other two Southampton teams. 

“Naturally this is all off the record, but SQC 3 will be as likely as SQC1 and SQC2, in our eyes, to lift future national trophies,” said a suave source who prefered to remain anonymous. 

Whilst the Quidditch Post would not like to make assertions as to the likelihood of these plans succeeding, the warm kindly glow of goodness in our source’s eyes made us feel that everything would be just be alright, always. He made us feel so safe.

The news has come as little surprise to some commentators.

“I knew it!” said Brizzlepuff captain Tom Ower. “SQC3 has been clear to those who knew where to look for months now. It’s been obvious…” Ower proceeded to mumble nonsense about “it all adding up”, punctuated by exclamations of ‘BIDWELL! BIDWELL!’ every few moments.

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