Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Quidditch Coming to Camp Nou

By Jack Lennard, Quidditch Post COO 

Messi, Neymar, Xavi...Chema? The Barcelona Eagles have confirmed exclusively to the Quidditch Post that the famed Camp Nou, home of La Liga leaders FC Barcelona, will be the location of this September’s Barcelona Moustaches Time 2: The Moustache Strikes Back.

Marc Gargante, President of the Asociaci√≥n de Quidditch a Catalunya, confirmed: “We are excited to bring quidditch to such a magisterial ground. We think this will be great for quidditch in the whole of Catalonia.”

The tournament is slated to bring teams from all over Europe to compete. Last year’s tournament was won by The Mighty And Amazing Quercs, and rumour has it that they are hoping to defend their title this year. 

“Obviously, Camp Nou is a huge venue,” said Ben Morton, captain of the Quercs. “However, I don’t think the pressure would get to us were we to attend - many of our players were on Team UK at the 2014 Global Games in Burnaby, British Columbia, and so the 98,787 person capacity of the stadium and the challenges that come with performing in front of a large audience are things that many of our players have experience with.”

Luis Enrique, the current manager of FC Barcelona, could not be reached for comment, however sources close to the team claim that it the arrival of quidditch is a matter of great excitement for the club.

"Having had some of the biggest sporting talent at the club for many years now, we are hoping to see this tradition continue with the presence of quidditch at Camp Nou."

Though the players of FC Barcelona are overtly focussing on their current La Liga campaign, some are said to be interested in trying the sport out, and Luis Suarez has reportedly enquired as to whether biting will be made legal in Rulebook 9.

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