Wednesday, April 1, 2015

French Teams Back Out of EQC When Learn that Tournament is Organized in English

By Andy Marmer, Quidditch Post CEO

Insulted when organizers insisted they answer questions in English, the five FQF teams slated to attend EQC 2015 have unanimously chosen to withdraw.
“Nous trouvons insultant qu'ils ne parleraient pas la langue supĂ©rieure. Vive La France!” said the five captains in a joint statement.

EQC Organizers are scrambling to find replacements for the French teams, though it is expected that they will offer the spots to the five most deserving British teams.

“Well our solution to every problem so far has been to add some more British teams,” said Tournament Director Luke Twist. “So I think we’ll take five more teams from the UK.”

If EQC organizers choose to go that route the five teams in line for the spots will likely be Warwick, Derby, Bangor, Cambridge, and Brizzlepuffs. If those teams are included, it would bring the total British teams in attendance to 15.

Twist offered further explanation.

“Well I didn’t particularly like the outcome of BQC 2014-15,” said Twist. “I figure if enough British teams attend this tournament they’ll just rename it BQC and the Chimeras can have their championship restored.”

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