Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Drop Bears to Accompany Dropbears to Global Games 2016

By Andy Marmer, CEO

Disappointed by a silver medal at the 2014 Global Games, the Australian Quidditch Association confirmed it plans to bring a group of live drop bears with the players to the 2016 Global Games.

“Our on-pitch development has really improved in the past few years; however, we’ve still fallen short,” said Captain James Hyder. “We think we need to harness intimidation to take our team to the next level. The Americans have that stupid rumor that we don’t tackle, and so they never take us seriously.”

The accompanying drop bears will be kept on the sideline alongside the Dropbears as they play their matches at the next Global Games. While the team intends to take full precautions, certain risks to those not experienced in handling the marsupials may be possible.

While the location of the 2016 Global Games is not yet decided, given the massive fundraising necessary to fly an Australian team around the world, the group has already started planning.

“First they send us to Britain, then Canada. Where next?” said Hyder.

While the 2016 Global Games are still over a year away, the Dropbears with their drop bears are already preparing to bring a championship home to Australia.

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