Sunday, March 29, 2015

Onward to Oxford: Green-Tauros Quidditch

As part of our efforts to preview all 32 teams competing in the European Quidditch Cup (EQC), the Quidditch Post is chatting with representatives from each team. Today we spoke with Michele Genovese, captain of Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino.

Photo by Andrea Garzero

Quidditch Post: Last year, Green Tauros placed third in the Italian National Tournament, and thus clinched its bid at this year's EQC III. What are your goals for EQC?
Michele: Our goal for EQC is facing the best European teams. Regardless of the results, gaining more experience is key for having better results in the future. To achieve this, we have to make it through pool play into bracket play. I think it will be hard but not impossible given our preparation and the quality of our players. We have some of the best Italian beaters, and they are improving. We think we have resolved some of the issues we faced in the Italian Cup, which included finding a really good seeker and some good defensive chasers. Even though we lack experience, I find our team very competitive.

QP: What do you think it will take to accomplish all of that?
Michele: I think that is not the real question we ask ourselves. I think that meeting our goal is an ongoing feat that will be met when we are satisfied. As we become better, so do the other teams. We have to be constant, and that is what we do. If we still remain on this path, it will be a good way to reach the top.

QP: Who would you say are some of the team's key players?
Michele: Our entire team. We utilize all 12 of our players, which is important for us. A player can't change a match but can make some saves or important goals. Other teams should be afraid of all of our players because any of them could lead our team to victory.

QP: I'm not going to let you off that easily; surely there must be some players who are crucial to the team's success?
Michele: People have to fear our beaters. Francesco La Malfa was the MVP at the last Italian Cup, but also Francesca Secco is known for his talent wherever she go, and i’m not lacking in modesty at saying that I’m at their level. The three beaters are first choice in the EU panorama.

On the chaser side, Nicolò Terranova, Davide Maniscalco, and Walid "Wolly" Benfadel are really awesome in their role; they're very important players. Also, Vera Tosetto, Ionela Catalina, and Martina Cartigiano are our cannon balls.

The others will not regret any of the players listed above because we all have a sub-role, and they're useful to their game. If you want to watch a key player, look at our roster. We are all really key players.

Salvatore Zollino will catch for us, and I think this will help us a lot. He's the best in his role.

QP: Do you think having only 12 players will hurt the team in Oxford?
Michele: I don’t think it will be a problem. We did this before. Some teams maybe will be fresher than us, but on the pitch it will be seven vs. seven, and we value all of our players equally, which is something we try to keep from the other teams for competitive reasons.

QP: Are there particular teams you hope to face?
Michele: I really hope to face the new British Quidditch Cup champion Southampton Quidditch Club and the Barcelona Eagles because I want to play against Jaume Miro, as he played with us last season. I hope to meet with our twin team, Lyon Crookshanks, and I really want to play against Turkish or German teams because I really respect them.

QP: How would you describe the team's style of play?
Michele: Our style of play is defensive; it’s not intense at all but really fast. We want to dictate the rhythm of our matches, and we are good at both offense and defense, waiting for the best timing to attack the other team. We aren’t physical.

QP: What do you hope the team takes away from the experience?

Michele: This EQC will help us gain valuable experience, and this will help us a lot for the Italian Cup on May 30, where we want to fight for the title. We'll learn a lot from the top European teams. I also hope we'll teach them something. It's a long way to the top, but we are trying.

QP: Thanks, Michele; we appreciate your time.
Ciao Mamma!

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