Saturday, March 28, 2015

Azeem Hussain and Danielle Lehmann New co-USA Editors

The Quidditch Post is excited to welcome Azeem Hussain and Danielle Lehmann as the new United States Editors. Since the United States covers eight different regions, the new Great Lakes Region, Northeast, Northwest, Mid-Atlantic, South, Midwest, Southwest and West, the task of editor was split into two categories. Hussain will cover analysis articles and Lehmann will cover feature articles for quidditch throughout the United States.

“Azeem and Danielle bring diverse experiences and skill-sets that will complement each other well,” said CEO Andy Marmer. “Danielle has been with the Quidditch Post since day one and has proven herself adept at writing features; I’m confident she’ll take to this new role well. Azeem has provided occasional coverage and when we interviewed him he impressed us with his plan for covering the entire United States.”

Two years ago, Azeem discovered the magical world of muggle quidditch at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Despite the fact that he spent more time reading Harry Potter than playing sports, he contributed plenty to the team on and off the pitch and has quickly learned various strategies behind the game. He’s been writing since middle school with various styles, ranging from newspaper editorials to slam poetry and has written a few pieces for the Quidditch Post over the last few months.

“I was just hanging out with friends playing football one afternoon and I saw a bunch of kids just roll up to the field and started playing quidditch and I knew I had to join them,” said Azeem. “This amazing sport and community has given so much to me, the least I can do is give something back. I’ve made countless friends in the community and learned so much from every team. There’s hours and hours of unseen preparation that each team goes through and it hardly gets noticed. I want to applaud and bring that prep and dedication to the spotlight. Every team in every region has a unique gameplay that deserves to be shared, and I want to do my best to share that with the rest of the nation. I’m so lucky to be able to work with the entire Quidditch Post staff, and I’m excited to work metaphorically side by side with Danielle.”

Lehmann was studying creative writing when she stumbled upon the quidditch club at Carnegie Mellon University. She started playing quidditch in 2013 and fell in love with the physical sport that captured her imagination on paper. A year later she decided to combine her passion for quidditch with her passion for writing by joining the Quidditch Post. She started out as a staff writer in Oct. 2014 and has written many articles that focus on individual quidditch players and teams.

“Volunteering for the staff writer position was one of the best decisions I’ve made,” Lehmann said. “I love being involved with the wider quidditch community. It’s inspirational to talk to other players and listen to their successes and failures. Taking on the role of United States Features Editor is such an incredible opportunity and I’m really looking forward to working with Azeem to cover quidditch across the United States.”

Hussain and Lehmann are thrilled to be accepting a larger role in the Quidditch Post. Although Hussain and Lehmann are based in two different regions and are focusing on different themes, they will be working together to cover quidditch articles. Their distance and different focuses are not a deterrent for them. They view those challenges as an opportunity to explore/address more articles on a scale as large as the United States, and together they feel like they can bring a new perspective to the quidditch community.

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