Monday, March 23, 2015

Official Statement from Marquette Quidditch

Quidditch Community,

With great regret, Marquette Quidditch would like to inform you that we will not be accepting our World Cup bid for the second consecutive year.  When taking into account the current state of our program, the format of the tournament, the costs involved, as well as several other factors, we as a team determined that this tournament was not in our best interest as a club.  

A huge factor in our decision was the overall cost value of a trip to World Cup.  We discussed the financial aspect of the trip with our team, and it was a majority vote by a rather wide margin that this type of trip would not be worth the cost involved unless we thought we had a chance to actually make a run in bracket play. Our team believes they can not spend the kind of money required to attend World Cup for one day of games and a slight chance at one game in bracket play.

After all of our winter training, we needed to see if we would be able to be competitive in bracket play at World Cup.  We don’t feel as though it would be in the best interest of our club, as a team not in competition for the championship, to go and play against teams of much higher quality whom we don’t see ourselves as competitive with.  Our Glass City performance opened our eyes, with out-of-snitch-range losses against World Cup teams, and proved to us that we need to internally continue to rebuild instead of committing our resources towards a tournament that will not help build our program at a level that will be justifiable given the costs.

As many of you know, Marquette has been in a heavy rebuilding period for the past two years.  Last season we started over with less than a handful of returning players, and the team was only able to attend a couple tournaments outside of regionals. Though this year we have had the ability to actually attend some tournaments, we still feel our team doesn’t have enough experience to get the full value out of a trip to World Cup.  Instead, we are saving that money and reinvesting it in our club in hopes of developing our program and attend World Cup at a competitive level.

We wish all teams the best of luck at World Cup, and we hope to attend next year.
-Marquette Quidditch

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