Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Eastern Canada Coach's Poll: Post-Regional Championship

The Eastern Canadian voters were asked to pick their top eight teams after the Regional Championship. Ten voters participated in the poll. Points were allocated in the following manner: eight points for a first place vote,  seven points for a second place vote, six points for a third place vote, etc. The votes have been tabulated and listed below in order of total votes. The number in parentheses indicates how many first place votes a team received. A “+” or “-” indicates a change from the last poll, with a plus indicating if a team is more highly ranked and a minus indicating if a team is lower ranked. An “X” indicates a team’s standing from the last poll is unchanged.

Eastern Canada Coaches Poll Results
1. McGill University Quidditch – (10) 80 (X)
2. Queen’s University Quidditch  – 68 (+2)
3. Carleton University Quidditch –  60 (+4)
4. University of Ottawa Gee-Gees – 43 (-2)
5. UWaterloo Ridgebacks – 41 (X)
6. North Star Quidditch Team – 32 (-3)
7. Universit̩ de Montr̩al (U de M) Р26 (-1)
8. Valhalla – 3 (X)

Also receiving votes: Guelph University Quidditch – 2, Canada’s Finest Quidditch Club – 2, University of Toronto
– 1

Voters Explain Their Decisions

“1) McGill – McGill cemented its place at No. 1 over the weekend: undefeated, held in snitch range only by Queen’s and U de M, and ran over Carleton and Gee-Gees. I’d be surprised to see it not a unanimous No. 1.
2) Queen’s – I love the depth on this team. It rolls three indistinguishable lines, has a rough, physical defense, and injuries don’t phase it. It also survived a scare by similarly physical U de M. A Queen’s – Carleton matchup would be interesting.
3) Carleton – This is a veteran squad for the most part that regained some lost ground at the regional championship. It surprised the Gee-Gees on the double snitch grab in pool play and has a rare commodity in Martin Massie at seeker (3 for 3 SWIM). Beaters tend to go a bit crazy but wreak havoc on unsuspecting teams.
4) Gee-Gees – A pile of notable absences at regionals: keepers Mike Makula and Joel Charron, and male beaters Matthew Eastmure and Sam Holden. There are tons of young athletes at chaser, so the program will survive a disappointing blowout to McGill.
5) Waterloo – Everyone’s favourite dark horse. Very fun to watch. Took out North Star, held Carleton to a snitch. Can’t rate it higher than fifth – if the Fehrmans ever decide to skip town, good luck to them.
6) North Star – Ran roughshod over pool play, fell early to Waterloo. Hard to rank it so low; any matchup against 2 to 5 could go either way.
7) U de M – Showed it’s more than just Rithy Min. The team is physical and tenacious as hell. U de M can stick it out with just about anyone’s quaffle game. Assumed strong at seeker, but it turned out to be the team’s downfall. Scared Queen’s, ditto McGill. Program is making great strides.
8) Valhalla – Still disappointing given its great start to the season. Looked lost against North Star and barely escaped U of T. Picked it up and went shot-for-shot with U de M. As always, tons of potential with the quaffle. Fix the beating and practice once in a while.


McGill was the unanimous number one after winning the Regional Championship, while Queen’s and Carleton each took 8 votes at second and third, respectively. Outside of the top three, our voters were less certain. Ottawa and Waterloo each got 8 votes at fourth and fifth, with Ottawa edging Waterloo with an extra fourth place vote and 1 more sixth to Waterloo’s seventh. North Star took sixth on a majority of ballots while U de M was the consensus seventh place team. Our voters were very indecisive at eighth, with none of the top 7 teams getting votes in that spot and 3 voters choosing not to vote.

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