Monday, March 9, 2015

A Letter From the Editor

By Lindsay Garten

The Quidditch Post was founded on Oct. 19, 2014 in order to provide the quidditch community with international coverage of the sport. We started with four volunteers, and have now expanded our network to include many people from around the world. Here’s a recap of how far we’ve come since our humble beginnings.

Our very first post, Same Sunday Snitch; different home, was written by our Senior Editor Andy Marmer. From there we held our Quidditch Post Uniform Contest in which 22 teams competed for the title of “World’s Best Uniform.” The Belgian Griffyins came in first place, with the Hofstra Flying Dutchmen taking second, and University of British Columbia Quidditch coming in third. 

As the United States regional championships season kicked off in November with the Mid-Atlantic championship, so too began our coverage of major events. Shortly thereafter, we started posting original pieces from writers in Belgium and Italy. We also began publishing human interest stories such as Yellow Journalism: The Tennis Ball Talks by Jack Harver and Reflections of a Referee, written by an anonymous Mid-Atlantic referee. 

We’ve covered the USQ’s newest region, the Northwest, as it held its first ever official tournament, the Clash of the Cascades and as it held its first regional championship. At the same time we have recently published articles about quidditch in many countries such as Uganda, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, and Australia to name a few. 

We began our Best Player Bracket in Feb. 2015  and the competition is still ongoing. Check out our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute updates on the competition.

As we prepare for our coverage of USQ World Cup 8 and the European Quidditch Cup (EQC), we are striving to analyze every team at these major tournaments. While many of you are familiar with our 80 in 80 series, I’d like to announce that we will soon commence our Onward to Oxford coverage of teams that will be competing at the EQC.  We are also partnering with the EQC Planning Committee to provide coverage.

We have published approximately 175 articles. We have had over 69,000 pageviews on our blog (about 33,200 them were in the last month), we have nearly 1,000 Facebook likes, and nearly 250 Twitter followers.

So where am I going with all of this?

In the next couple of months, we are hoping to greatly expand our coverage of quidditch around the globe. We will be teaming up with US Quidditch and The Eighth Man to provide coverage of World Cup 8. 

While we’ve come a long way since we began our journey, there’s still much more to be done. With your help, the Quidditch Post can become something bigger and better, covering quidditch in more countries and providing more up-to-the-minute content. We’re looking for writers, editors, analysts, translators, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, video editors, and more. If you’re interested in joining our staff please fill out this form or send me an email at

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