Saturday, March 14, 2015

80 in 80: Lone Star

As part of our efforts to preview all 80 teams competing in USQ World Cup 8, the Quidditch Post is chatting with representatives from each team. Today we spoke with Mitch Cavender, coach of Lone Star Quidditch Club (LSQC).
Photo by Sana Sadiq Photography
Quidditch Post: Lone Star undoubtedly competes in the toughest region in the country and has lost just once this year; your team has to be the favorite going into World Cup. What will it take to seal the deal and take home the championship?
Mitch: The biggest thing we have to focus on is avoiding complacency. More and more teams are learning how to play the game of scatterball at the high level that we have been playing at the entire season. The ground game that other teams have displayed in recent weeks is astounding. We always have to make sure that we're one step ahead of them. Otherwise, we'll crash and burn when it matters most.

QP: Lone Star has long been known for its scatterball play. Can you talk a bit about that?
Mitch: Eight key attributes contribute to scatterball success: speed, quickness, arm strength, accuracy, catching, courage, charisma, and cunning.  All members of LSQC possess these eight key attributes and thus are all amongst the best ballers to ever scatter.

QP: I hear Lone Star is pretty good at quidditch too. Thoughts?
Mitch: Many, if not all, of those attributes previously listed as being integral to scatterball are also integral to success in quidditch. Ergo, it is no surprise that LSQC has experienced some success on the pitch this season.

QP: One factor you didn't mention that likely contributes to success in both scatterball and quidditch is experience. A number of Lone Star players have won regional championships, World Cups, and gold medals; how do you think that historical success has impacted the team?
Mitch: #LSQChampionship experience is definitely a huge asset to this team. It means that no matter who jumps into that scatter circle against us, we will never feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the pressure of the moment. Our balls will fly true like the arrows of Legolas, and our ground game will be unwavering like the beard of Gimli.

QP: Does Lone Star have a particular style of play in your opinion?
Mitch: 1. Score more points than the opposition. 2. Allow fewer goals than we score. 3. Catch the snitch. That is LSQC's three-step foolproof plan for success.

QP: That sounds like a game plan that took the team months, if not years, to come up with, so how can you ensure execution?
Mitch: Letting Jesus take the wheel. Many teams like to think of elaborate strategies before games, but we believe that quidditch is really a game of luck and that preparation is a waste of time that could be better spent with dollar margs.

QP: LSQC has added a number of players who were eligible to play for university teams, and as a result has been accused of "poaching." Can you address those allegations?
Mitch: Our belief is that everyone should have the opportunity to play quidditch and that everyone should be able to play quidditch in a positive environment that makes them love the sport that they play. We encourage every player who requests to join our organization to try to make their situation with their school team work. However, if that is not possible, and they would otherwise not enjoy their time playing this game, we welcome them into our club. We do not actively recruit college players and try to take them away from our competition.

QP: Is there a particular team you hope to face at World Cup?
Mitch: LSQC vs. LSQC would probably be a fun matchup. Id like to see what impact that would have on the space time continuum. We'd probably need to buy pinnies first though, and I dunno if we have the budget for that.

QP: You could try using last year's uniforms, which might help some, though I suppose spectators might not realize the team's Texas origin without a giant outline of the state and Lone Star-flagged shorts. Could you lay out your thoughts on a hypothetical LSQC-LSQC matchup? How do you think that would go down?
Mitch: I think all of our players would freeze one inch away from each other on brooms up and start flickering like a glitch in a video game. We'd then have to reset the universe and start over from the Big Bang, because God forgot to ever save.

QP: Are there any players you think are especially key to LSQC’s success?
Mitch: Every member of the LSQC organization, be they currently playing for Clone Star or Lone Star, are currently injured, have previously played for our club, or are just supporters of our two teams, are all equally important to our success.

QP: Players such as Mollie Lensing, Kedzie Teller, and Tyler Sessions missed the regional championship or part of the tournament with injuries. Any comment on their status for World Cup?
Mitch: I consider the personal health of our players a private matter that is not my place to discuss publicly.

QP: Thanks, Mitch; we appreciate your time.
Mitch: Clear eyes. Full hearts. Cant lose.

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