Thursday, February 12, 2015

Best Male Chaser First Round Results

The first round of the male chaser bracket is in the books. See below for results, a summary of key matchups and an updated bracket. Voting for next week will close on Feb. 18 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

No 1. Kody Marshall def. No. 16 Dre Clements 14*-0 (Kody abstained)
No. No. 8 Daniel Daugherty def. No. 9 Ren Bettendorf 9*-6
No. 4 Simon Arends def. No. 13 Eric Reyes 15*-0
No. 5 Chris Morris def. No. 12 Sean Beloff 15*-0
No. 2 Drew Wasikowski def. No 15 Trent Miller 15*-0
No. 7 Aryan Ghoddossy def. No. 10 Kifer Gregoire 13*-1 (one abstention)
No. 3 Kedzie Teller def. No. 14 Andrew Axtell 15*-0
No. 6 Brad Armentor def. No. 11 Jeremy Boettner 13*-2
* indicates fan vote

Summary: Our most lopsided day yet saw a series of routs as the top seeds all recorded shutouts. Although the judges were unanimous in favor of No. 4 seed Simon Arends and No. 5 seed Chris Morris, both narrowly won with the voters. No. 6 seed Brad Armentor and No. 7 seed Aryan Ghoddossy also cruised to victory. Only one of our remaining eight chasers make their home outside the Southwest. While seven out of eight matchups were lopsided, the final match proved the most thrilling. Our judges were evenly split in the Daniel Daugherty-Ren Bettendorf matchup with both sides offering strong points in favor of their chosen candidate. Daugherty grabbed 52% of the vote though to narrowly edge Bettendorf.

Matchup of the Day: No. 8 Daniel Daugherty def. No. 9 Ren Bettendorf

This matchup was clearly very close between the judges and for good reason, Daugherty and Bettendorf are both fantastic players for their region and teams. But what has put Daugherty above in this round is his storied ability to just score the quaffle, especially when it matters most. Long shots, mid-range shots, stylish dunks, and everything in between Daugherty has done it all. His scoring skills have kept his team in the national spotlight for the past three seasons, a feat that is incredibly difficult to do in today's quidditch. On top of that Daugherty is an incredible leader with a quidditch IQ off the charts.

Upset Special: N/A

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The first round of the non-male chaser bracket closes this evening at 11:59 p.m. EST. To vote in those matchups, click here.


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