Saturday, February 7, 2015

80 in 80: QCB

As part of our efforts to preview all 80 teams competing in USQ World Cup 8, the Quidditch Post is chatting with representatives from each team. Today we spoke with Jayke Archibald, captain of Q.C. Boston: The Massacre (QCB).

Photo by Chris Topher Edwards

Quidditch Post: Last year's World Cup, where Q.C. Boston was eliminated in the play-in round with only one win in pool play, had to be a disappointment for the team. How did the team react to that early elimination?
Jayke: Last year was definitely disappointing. It sucked to lose that early, especially when we felt we had a pretty favorable side of the bracket relative to our low seeding. However, last season was about so much more than just our performance at World Cup; it was about building a program in Boston, and even more so, building a community. I think that while we did not reach our on-field goals, we definitely achieved a lot in terms of how far the program came in just a year and how far it's come since then.

QP: It was recently announced that Kedzie Teller would be leaving Boston and, accordingly, QCB. How will the team replace someone who has meant so much to it both on the field as a two-time Team USA selection and off-the-field as one of the team's founders?
Jayke: It's impossible to replace Kedzie. What he has meant to this team on and off the field can't be put into words. It feels kind of like the star senior is graduating, but that's how life goes and we can't feel sorry for ourselves. It's an opportunity for a few players to step up and fill his shoes, and I know we have the talent to absorb such a loss and maintain our high level of play. Kedzie made QCB what it is, and now it's our job to live up to his legacy and keep this team something he would be proud of on and off the field.

QP: You had a much-heralded summer with your fantasy performance; how would you say your game has grown over the years, and what impact will that have when you presumably take on an even larger role in the team with Kedzie's departure?
Jayke: Honestly, I don't put much stock in fantasy tournaments. It's a completely different playing style and really does not equate to success during the season. Obviously, I have worked on certain aspects of my game all year, but the best thing I can do to help my team win is build chemistry with it and work on strategy. We have amazing athletes at all positions, and no one player is going to make or break our season. But when we work together and utilize everyone's strengths, that's when we are going to find success.

QP: Do you think any particular players are going to be crucial to your success at World Cup?
Jayke: I think all of our players are going to be crucial. If I didn't feel that way, they wouldn't be on the team.

QP: Are there any players that maybe the average fan/analysts might not know who really fly under the radar for QCB?
Jayke: I think Brian Zanghi somehow still flies under the radar even though I don't think I've ever played with someone who can do close to what he can out on the wing. His combination of speed and accuracy makes my life so much easier in games, and he's a big reason why I think our team will be OK even with the departure of Kedzie.

QP: What do you think is the biggest difference between this year's QCB and last year's QCB?
Jayke: This year's QCB believes in itself. Kedzie and I worked hard to repair the team from inside and out, and I'm so proud of how everyone has bought into our philosophy of “team first” this year. Check your ego at the door. Whether you had the best day of your life or the worst, practice and games are times where the only thing that matters is quidditch, QCB, and the players on that field with you. We know we are going to give it our all every game, and if that's not enough to win, then we can accept that and work even harder for next time. We know everyone else will give that same commitment, and we never for a second think we will lose before we even play, which definitely happened at times last year. We're all in this year, from 1 to 21.

QP: Is there a particular team that you want to play at World Cup?
Jayke: There are so many teams. I would love to get to play another community team from another region to see how we stack against them, and I've always wanted to play against Bowling Green State University. Otherwise, we are obviously looking to go into Day Two healthy and with some momentum.

QP: Does the team have a particular goal for the tournament?
Jayke: Obviously, to win it. Otherwise, I'd like to make up for last year's performance and hopefully join many other Northeast teams in the later rounds if possible.

QP: Thanks for your time, Jayke; we appreciate it.
Jayke: No problem.

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