Sunday, February 8, 2015

80 in 80: Ball State

As part of our efforts to preview all 80 teams competing in USQ World Cup 8, the Quidditch Post is chatting with representatives from each team. Today we spoke with Andrew Derry, Coach of the Ball State Cardinals
Photo by Ball State Quidditch

Quidditch Post: Alright, so first off, you played for Central Michigan Quidditch last year at World Cup. Does it have a different feel to it, qualifying for World Cup with a different team?
Andrew: No. I thought there would be an adjustment coming to Ball State and playing for a new team, but there wasn't. I already knew some players, so I just picked up with no weird feelings.

QP: Now, last year at World Cup VII, Ball State bowed out to semifinalist Texas A&M Quidditch in the first round of bracket play. What goals does Ball State have for the upcoming World Cup?
Andrew: Our goal is to work toward making it to the Final Four.

QP: I've heard rumors swirling that Trevor Campbell is retiring from quidditch. Is there any truth to those rumors?
Andrew: I know his commitments for his degree will not allow him to play at World Cup this year, so he will be taking time off.

QP: In addition to his abilities on the field, Campbell is a very passionate and emotional leader for the team. At the same time, he is noted for always maintaining that he is just a piece of the machine at Ball State and just another player on the team. Should he be unable to participate, is there someone to take up that mantle, so to speak, for the squad?
Andrew: While Trevor does have a lot of talent and passion, he is not the only one on the Ball State team, and I feel his absence would not affect the dynamics of the team. We excel because we each contribute, and we are not a one-person team.

QP: Well said. I do agree that Ball State is a team full of skilled players across the board. What is your team most looking forward to about World Cup?
Andrew: The overall experience for the team, the opportunity to face competition from outside the Midwest, and to prove the ability/skill level of our team.

QP: Is there any out-of-region team in particular that you would like to play against?
Andrew: No specific teams, but teams from the South and West are always hyped for competition.

QP: Without a doubt. Are there any players on your team who the public might not know about who could really make a splash at World Cup?
Andrew: Kevin Conboy and Rebecca Sampson often don't get attention for the skills they have. Also, Matt Brown could really make a name for himself this semester.

QP: Would you mind going into a little more detail about the players?
Andrew: Both Kevin and Rebecca have experience and the ability to "read" other teams and adjust playing styles. They're adaptable. Kevin has ability all around (speed, agility, strength, and talent), and Rebecca should be counted as one of the better female chasers in the region. As a first year, Matt has sports experience from before, and it shows on the pitch with his adaptability, speed, etc.

QP: Alright, I think that covers everything. Thanks a ton, Andrew! And best of luck to you and Ball State the rest of this semester!
Andrew: You're welcome, and thank you!

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