Monday, December 22, 2014

Coaches Poll

A little over a year ago Jack ThePhan started the first quidditch Coaches Poll. With his permission the Quidditch Post is going to attempt to bring this back for the spring season. This year though the poll will only be regional. We'll only be bringing this back if we have enough voters in a given region to get meaningful data. Admittedly a lot of this is ambitious, so we'll see how it works. To be successful we need a lot of help.

This poll would not be a complicated formula and would represent the opinions of more than a few analysts. It would represent what the teams of the IQA (and its member leagues) think.
Here are the voter requirements:

Since the voter is team's only representative, he or she must have a broad leadership position on the team: Captain, Co-Captain, Coach, President=Yes. Beater Coach, Conditioning Coach, Assistant Captain=No. Captains/coaches may delegate a member of the team to vote on their behalf.

The voter is encouraged to consult with teammates, positional coaches, assistant captains, but may not delegate the duty of creating the rankings to teammates.

The voter's team must be "official" in its league.

The voter must be committed to voting weekly.

Let us know if you're interested and we'll add you to a Facebook group. It will be a closed group, so your vote will be hidden from the masses. Also, voters may message or email me their rankings.

Please email or message Managing Editor Andy Marmer with any questions.

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