Friday, November 21, 2014

Quidditch Hits Uganda

By John Ssentamu

In 2013, Uganda was granted permission by the IQA to form a quidditch team. Quidditch in Uganda is steadily growing. The visit of coach Angus Barry, a student from Oxford University, increased confidence in the first batch of players in Katwadde Village. He brought sports equipment for quidditch and conducted several training sessions.  

As I write, quidditch has reached Mbarara University of Science and Technology with 14 registered players so far. In addition, Quidditch Uganda has five teams for children and one team for adults in the community (Katwadde Community Quidditch Team) that is mostly made up of secondary students from different schools. In December, Angus Barry (currently a Cambridge student) will visit us for a second time to train teams and discuss ways of going to Global Games in 2016.
Quidditch Uganda needs sponsorship for promotion and expansion of quidditch in Uganda as an alternative sport to other common and competitive sports in the country. My appeal goes to individuals, corporate companies, and organizations to support this sport's development.
We are thankful for Masaka Barracks' offer of tents and chairs whenever we have quidditch events in greater Masaka. We also thank The Investigator, an online media company that is our pioneer online media partner in efforts to promote and develop this sport in Uganda. Please join us in our adventure!

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