Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Volunteer Experience: Bruce Donnelly

The Quidditch Post has decided to sit down with various members of its staff in an attempt to examine more closely the reasons why members of our community choose to volunteer. In this installment, we sit down with Bruce Donnelly, staff writer.

Donnelly is a regular correspondent for The Quidditch Post. | Photo Credit: Ben Feilen

Quidditch Post: Why did you decide to join QP?
Bruce Donnelly: Well, I've always been interested in getting into sports media. Before I joined the organization, I observed for a while in an effort to find out just how much coverage was provided through the efforts of volunteers at the Quidditch Post and the Eighth Man. As my interest in the sport grew, I also became more interested in helping to cover it. I was actually really nervous about starting out when I saw you post an ad about hiring. Ultimately, I decided to go for it.

QP: How do you feel about the decision now?
Donnelly: Even better than I did when I first started. At first, I always felt pressure from myself only to write. Since I've gotten used to being involved with the help of a lot of people it's become more like something I really want to do. Now I'm always keeping up on everything to try to find more stuff to do and write and help with.

QP: Has volunteering with QP had an impact on your enjoyment of the sport?
Donnelly: I believe so. I've become more focused on the larger picture of the sport, even more so than when I was starting a team. It's given me more of a reason to pay attention to everything that's happening community-wide.

QP: That's actually a nice transition; can you talk a bit about your involvement with the sport prior to joining QP?
Donnelly: It's kind of a situation that correlates directly with the start of my team, Tri-State Lightning Quidditch Club, in the summer of 2015. Towards the end of last season, I had become a little disenfranchised with it all, actually. I didn't feel like I was in a great position to grow in the sport, and I didn't feel like I had been given the opportunity to learn more about the whole country's involvement. Both a new team and joining the Quidditch Post made me feel more connected with the sport and helped me grow as a player and as reporter in the community.

QP: What advice would you give to someone questioning whether they should volunteer?
Donnelly: Do it. Regardless of who you want to volunteer for, you should do it. If you have reservations about what you think you can do or how much you can contribute, there will always be people to help you. There will be no shortage of things you'll be able to help with. Do it.

QP: Thanks, Bruce. It’s great to have you on staff, and it’s been a pleasure talking with you.

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