Monday, January 25, 2016

An Argument for Concession

By Marcus Toomey

The following piece represents the opinion of the author and not of the Quidditch Post.

Quidditch, in its young age, has to be about growth if we are to thrive and not just survive. Growing the player base, the gameplay, the governing body, and even the ideals are all items on the to-do list of any quidditch community member.
In the pursuit of growth, even the little things should be examined. Though argued to be only a “small” issue or a “recent” issue, the usage of the term “suicide” in regards to a snitch catch is one issue I think the community can develop and change.

Maryland Quidditch pulled a concession catch during its semifinal match against Lone Star Quidditch Club. Not that hard to replace the term, is it? | Photo Credit: Jessica Jiamin Lang Photography
Why the criticism of the term? I would like to offer two reasons. The first is the fact that – in many ways – the current term for a snitch catch when you are down 40 or more points is inconsiderate. Many people in the United States and around the world will deal with thoughts of suicide or other people attempting to harm themselves sometime in their life. Sensitivity to this change can only bring inclusivity.

There is something to be said of professional sports including plays such as the “suicide squeeze,” but we should hold each other to an inclusive and high standard.

Are these conversations about inclusivity perfect? No, but they are important. When we can accept new ideas, like changing the sport’s vocabulary, we grow our ability to function and lift each other up as a community without much effort.

The second reason why it is time for a new term is the simple fact that there are more attractive and buzz-worthy phrases that are more accurate in their definition in relation to the act of catching the snitch to give up on a game. Suicide is the decision to end your own life. It has no definition in relation to conceding a game. Of course, it is being used as a figure of speech, but there are alternatives that have better intentions, better respect, and better meaning behind them.

Let us suggest a few:

Cold Catch, Concession Catch, Strategy Catch, White Flag Catch, “My goodness we’re down 300 points let’s give it up” Catch, Viking Catch, Regenerate Catch, Surrender Catch, Safety Catch, Cap Catch, Acquiescence Catch.
My personal favorites are Safety Catch and Concession Catch. They roll off the tongue well enough, require no explanation, and sound better when we speak to those unfamiliar with the sport.

Regardless of which term you use for this snitch catch, adapting a new term for your team, your region, or your section of the community could be a good way to replace something of an inconsiderate and unprofessional term.

Growth and change can start anywhere, even with the little things.

Editor's Note: The caption on this article originally stated that Maryland faced Texas instead of Lone Star at USQ World Cup 8. Further, a disclaimer was added to this article to reflect that it is the opinion of the author and not QP.

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