Sunday, December 6, 2015

Dutch Quidditch Cup 2015 Recap

By Inke Gieghase

On Nov. 21, the first official Dutch Quidditch Cup was organised. Three teams from the Netherlands gathered in Wageningen to enjoy a small, yet landmark tournament. The teams at this event were the North Sea Nargles, the Dom Tower Dementors, and the Wageningen Werewolves. Despite only having three teams in attendance, the afternoon still had quidditch games that show that the Dutch players were very eager to learn and are well on their way to developing further as a region.

The Games

1. North Sea Nargles vs Wageningen Werewolves (90*-50)
The teams seemed to be figuring out what tactics would be best to use and what strategy would help them win, as neither of them played very aggressively nor quickly. The two teams were cautious and a bit hesitant in both their beater and quaffle play. But, despite the slower pace of the game, the teams were able to showcase some good passing and positioning. The teams were a match for each other, as the games stayed exciting until the end. The Nargles finished the game by catching the snitch and winning their first game of the tournament.
2. North Sea Nargles vs Dom Tower Dementors  (120*-70)
The pace of this game was significantly faster than the previous one, as both teams  were forced to play a quicker game in order to keep up with each other. Therefore, this game also saw an increase in overall quaffle points. The Nargles managed to keep their lead, but their victory wasn’t assured until the end since they were only leading with 20 quaffle points when they caught the snitch. The Nargles had now won all their games and were assured a spot in the final.

Wageningen Werewolves vs Dom Tower Dementors | Photo credit: Inke Gieghase
3. Dom Tower Dementors vs Wageningen Werewolves (130*-60)
This game was going to decide which team would be playing against the Nargles in the final. In the beginning, the Werewolves were slightly overwhelmed by the fast gameplay of the Dementors and allowed the Dementors to take the lead with a fair amount of quaffle points. However, the Werewolves came back strong and managed to get into snitch range for a while. Once within snitch range, the Werewolves wanted to score one more time before their seeker would go for the snitch to prevent a tie and assure a victory. Unfortunately, the Dementors were too fast; they scored and caught the snitch, punching their ticket to the final.
Final: North Sea Nargles vs Dom Tower Dementors (100*-70)
Both teams played their best game, and it showed in the quaffle points, which increased at a even pace. This was by far the game with the fastest pace of the tournament. Perhaps it was because the golden cup was within sight. The two teams showed that they were not going to let the other team win easily, and when the snitch came on the field, the game became very intense. In the end, the Nargles had stronger seekers on their roster and they managed to catch the snitch. Thus, they became this year’s Dutch quidditch champions.

Final Rankings
  1. North Sea Nargles
  2. Dom Tower Dementors
  3. Wageningen Werewolves

The North Sea Nargles | Photo credit: Inke Gieghase
Strong Quality Aspects

The strongest part of the Nargles’ game was their seeker game. Because of their seeker’s stamina and willpower, they were able to catch the snitch every single time. They also established good positioning on the field with both chasers and beaters, which made it easier to execute their different strategies.

The Dementors’ strongest aspect were their fast and agile chasers. They were able to break through the other teams defense quite frequently using their speed and explosiveness. Their defensive beater game was also something to look out for.

The Werewolves’ strength lies in their communication, and the teamwork between their beaters and chasers, which enables them to play more smoothly. They are also a team that can be admired for their strong perseverance.

This tournament has shown that quidditch in the Netherlands is growing. There is definitely some potential and hopefully new teams will pop up in the Netherlands soon so the National Cup can be bigger and even more exciting.
They have also shown that their community is one of the most beautiful examples of what quidditch is all about: accepting each other, playing fairly, and supporting your team no matter what happens.

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