Thursday, November 19, 2015

Midwest Coaches Poll Nov. 19, 2015

One coach, captain, or designee from each USQ official team in the Midwest region was asked to rank the Top 10 teams in their region. Points were allocated in the following manner: 10 points for a first-place vote, nine points for a second-place vote, eight points for a third-place vote, etc. The votes have been tabulated and listed below in order of total votes. The number in parentheses indicates how many first-place votes a team received.


Kansas Quidditch (KU) (5)
Minnesota Quidditch
Marquette University Quidditch (1)
Mizzou Quidditch
Illinois State University Firebirds
Minnesota Nice Quidditch Club (MNQC)
Crimson Warhawks
Iowa State Quidditch (ISQ)
University of Northern Colorado
Others Receiving Votes: Webster University Quidditch (4), Arkansas State RedWolf Quidditch (1), Loyola University Chicago (1), Southern Illinois University Quidditch (1) Voters: Anonymous (Marquette), Joshua Zemke (MNQC), Anonymous (KU), Anonymous (Mizzou), Jacob Vogts (ISQ), Luke Zak (TC FROST) Representatives from other teams were contacted but did not respond by the deadline. If your team did not vote and would like to participate in subsequent polls, please contact the Quidditch Post at Notes: Six votes were cast. Voters Explain Their Choices: Anonymous Voter 1 1. Marquette This team looked good at its tournament. Numerous quality quaffle players who have shown they can really work together to find the holes in a defense mean this team is capable of a regional championship. A very resounding win against Mizzou puts this team convincingly in the Top 2, at least. 2. Kansas Sadly, I havent seen Kansas play any of the other Top 4 Midwest teams this season. I put it  just above Mizzou, confident that its experience playing Southwest teams will give it an edge. 3. Minnesota Its rookies have shown considerable improvement since the Great Plains Invitational. If the trend continues, Minnesota will have a deep roster at all positions at the regional championship. It needs to improve its snitch game or start putting games out of range to safely guarantee a bid. 4. Mizzou A squad that has shown it can outpace lower-tier teams in the long game, Mizzou needs to find a way to counter the threat of superior quaffle players drawing out its beaters or risk being upset. Still, a strong bet that this team will earn a US Quidditch Cup 9 bid. 5. Illinois State The Firebirds at the Marquette Fall Classic showed that they stand toward the top of the Midwests second tier, producing a close game with Minnesota and scoring wins over TC Frost and MNQC. If theres upset potential for a bid, bet on this team to be the one giving the top tier a run for their money. 6. MNQC This team has some strong players but can not seem to put up points against the top-tier teams. It will need to tighten up its offensive plays for any hope of an upset. 7. TC Frost The third-year community team has plenty of experience but seems to hover just out of range of the top tier. If it can use its talent more effectively, TC Frost could continue its streak of making it out to South Carolina. 8. Crimson Warhawks I have little idea what to expect from the Warhawks at this  regional championship. But the Kansas program has always been strong, and I wouldnt be at all surprised if its B team defeats anyone in the second tier. 9. Iowa State Theres notable cohesion in this team; its problem is not having enough playmakers at any given position. Definitely at the bottom of the second tier. I dont see this team earning a bid this year, but theres enough to this program to potentially be relevant in the future. 10. Webster I really dont know enough about the teams below Iowa State, which I consider to be the Midwest's third tier, but Webster has a few games under its belt to suggest it is not a total pushover. Anonymous Voter 2 1. Kansas is No. 1 due to its form at both Kansas Cup along with Cowboy Cup V against very good Southwest teams. It has a lot more game experience as compared to previous years. 2, 3, 4. Marquette, Minnesota, and Mizzou are all very close, but after the Marquette Fall Classic, Marquette is ahead. It played most big names in the Midwest and destroyed Mizzou by 120 points. Minnesota is in front of Mizzou because of its win over Mizzou in the semifinals. Mizzou looked like a favorite to rival Kansas at this regional championship, but now I’m hesitant of that. 5. Crimson Warhawks are fifth due to the factor of constantly practicing with Kansas, which always helps them out. The Warhawks have played big Southwest teams and almost upset Tribe Quidditch at Cowboy Cup V. 6. Illinois State is behind Warhawks due to its loss at Kansas Cup. Illinois State vs. Warhawks is always a great game to watch, unless you have friends on both teams then it is hell. 7. TC Frost is seventh, due to how it always comes to a tournament with a small roster yet always comes close to pulling an upset. Wouldnt be surprised by it at the regional championship if it upsets a big team. 8. Minnesota Nice is eighth due to its zone factor. Playing teams ranked below it, and MNQC will be able to contain them with that zone because it is seldom seen around the country. 9, 10. Northern Colorado and Loyola round out the list due to with each having played high-quality competition with Northern Colorado facing Oklahoma State and Loyola playing a majority of these teams at the Marquette Fall Classic.

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