Monday, November 9, 2015

Best Uniform Contest: Judges and Update

An update on the Quidditch Post’s best uniform contest for the 2015-16 season.

All nominations have been received. Finalists will be selected based on which uniforms have the most votes as of 11:59 EST on Wednesday Nov. 11. Voting can be done by liking a team uniform’s photo in the compiled albums on the Quidditch Post’s Facebook page. Eighteen finalists will be selected based on the uniform with the most votes in each region. The seven remaining finalists will be selected by our six judges, and without further ado they are:

Last year's champions, the Belgian Gryffins | Designed by Julie-Anne Weber
Photo by Row West
Andy Marmer: The Quidditch Post’s CEO and one of last year’s judges, Marmer has opinions and is not afraid to share them.

Sophie Léa Chrétien: Chrétien is French, living in England, and has experience with European and UK quidditch and the NGB’s (mostly) fabulous designs, and the visual influence of other sports like football – soccer, for US audiences. Chrétien created the Facebook group Quidditch Does Graphic Design and has designed jerseys and a lot of graphics, posters, and logos for the sport.

Eric Andres: Beginning his quidditch odyssey in 2010, Andres founded and coached the Northern Arizona University Narwhals for three years, played in IQA World Cup V with the Crimson Fliers, captained the All-Star West team at the Champions Series in Boston in April 2012, and has been a prolific referee. A writer by trade and graphic designer by hobby, he’s ready to apply his knowledge to this year’s submissions to pick the best and most professional design that represents quidditch. Eric is currently the head coach of the Emerald City Admirals.

Ecem Bedriye Satıcı : Satıcı is the coach of the BOUN Centaurs and the vice president of the Quidditch Association in Turkey. Previously, she’s played on various teams in Austria and in Turkey. Even though this is her first time judging, her experience playing for multiple teams gives her the awareness of knowing what it takes to make a uniform interesting.

Kym Couch: Couch is the coach of the Boise State Abraxans and USQ’s Northwest regional director. She is highly critical of graphic design and has lots of experience judging others’ designs without ever presenting any of her own. Couch was a judge in the Quidditch Post’s last uniform contest.

Audrey Linssen: Linssen has created many logo and jersey designs for different sport teams and quidditch teams in Belgium and France. As a first time judge for this contest, she cannot wait to give her opinion

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