Sunday, October 18, 2015

Volunteers Needed

I know it’s hard to believe, but the Quidditch Post is approaching its first birthday. While our staffers would love cards and gifts and cake; we like cake too the present that we would like most of all are some of the things that quidditch players are most known for having: passion, dedication, patience, and understanding. The thing, however, that we need most of all –and that is in rather short supply for everyone in the quidditch community is your time.

Our staff works incredibly hard to cover everything happening in quidditch all around the world and we need your help to do that. We have a number of openings and I encourage you to take a look below to see if you are interested. As mentioned, the most important thing is dedication and passion. If you’d like to be involved and don’t see a position perfectly suited for you, please let us know. We are constantly working on a variety of projects and always need eager volunteers. 

Every position provides upward mobility and our volunteers come from all walks of life from those still studying to those who have utilized the skills gained from working with us in their wider careers. Indeed, many volunteers find that their work with the Quidditch Post has become a significant boost to their resumes, and we are of course happy to help any of our volunteers who wish to use the experience gained with us to make themselves more attractive candidates in their job searches.

The Quidditch Post is the only international news source for the sport, and as such boasts an unparalleled geographic spread of volunteers you will be working with people from places all across the world. Come work for us, and you’ll take your place as a key part in a truly global organisation. The diversity doesn’t stop there the Quidditch Post is proud to have one of the most diverse leadership and staff bodies of any quidditch group, something we sincerely believe is vital to doing the sport justice when providing coverage.

For many of us, the Quidditch Post is like a family; some of our volunteers have found lifelong friends, and some have even found love through working with the organization. The Quidditch Post has an internal messaging platform where people are constantly talking to one another, supporting each other, and providing personal and professional advice. If this is a community and team that you would like to be a part of, please fill out the form below

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