Friday, October 9, 2015

Coaches' Poll: Southwest 10/9

One coach, captain, or designee from each USQ official team was asked to rank the top ten teams in their region. Points were allocated in the following manner: 10 points for a first place vote, nine points for a second place vote, eight points for a third place vote, etc. The votes have been tabulated and listed below in order of total votes. The number in parentheses indicates how many first place votes a team received.

Voters were given fewer than three days to vote; some came in after the deadline and were thus not counted. Further, during the voting period, voters from each team were still being identified. Thus while this poll provides a good basis for how each region views its teams, the lack of information available to voters and flaws with the design these results should be taken with a grain of salt. We will continue to run coaches polls throughout the season to reflect how each region views its own teams.

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Lone Star Quidditch Club (LSQC) (8)
Texas State University - San Marcos (TXST)
Texas Quidditch (UT)
Texas A&M Quidditch (TAMU)
Texas Cavalry
Baylor University
Gulf Coast Gumbeaux
Oklahoma State University (OSU)
Texas Tech Quidditch (TTU)
University of Texas at San Antonio Club Quidditch (UTSA)
Others Receiving Votes: SHSU Quidditch (8), Tribe Quidditch (7), University of Arkansas Quidditch Club (3), the Silver Phoenix (2), University of North Texas (1)

Notes: Nine votes were cast. One was rejected for being incomplete

Voters Explain Their Choices:

Voter 1

I refuse to rank any teams that have not been a team for more than a year and have not played an official game. I also believe the last couple spots could be fought over easily.

Voter 2

1. LSQC: With several returning and highly experienced players, coupled with a devastating loss in the finals last year, LSQC will come out stronger than ever this season.

2. TXST: Another very physical and strategic team. Texas State has retained a good amount of its players compared to UT and Baylor and should have a very similar season to the one it had last year.

3. UT: With the loss of a few key players, UT may not have as good a season it did last year. Its program has a very good reputation and should not have trouble finding new talent to fill old spots.

4. Baylor: I believe they Baylor has lost more players to graduation than UT, otherwise I have the same feelings about this team.

5. Cavalry: Being a new team, it may take some time for this team to build some chemistry, but most community teams typically do extremely well due to their ability to get experienced and passionate players. I see this team jumping up to No. 3 later in the season because of its leaders.

6. GCG: Same as reasons for Cavalry. I have not seen any games from this team but I've heard it is good. It is a community team so there's bound to be great players on it.

7. TTU: TTU has several returning members and many new players as well. It is a very adaptable team and showing promise for this season after winning its first tournament of the season at the Oklahoma Kickoff.

8. OSU: OSU is a very big and physical team. The team has great quaffle play and could very easily upset higher ranked teams.

9. TAMU: At the beginning of last season, TAMU was struggling after losing several key players. Toward the end, I saw great restructuring and improvement specifically in its beater play. TAMU should dominate most of its games.

10. Tribe: Almost like OSU's big brother, this team is extremely physical and aggressive. If Tribe can improve its quaffle game, it will be a great threat this season.

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