Friday, October 9, 2015

Coaches' Poll: South 10/9

One coach, captain, or designee from each USQ official team was asked to rank the top ten teams in their region. Points were allocated in the following manner: 10 points for a first place vote, nine points for a second place vote, eight points for a third place vote, etc. The votes have been tabulated and listed below in order of total votes. The number in parentheses indicates how many first place votes a team received.

Voters were given fewer than three days to vote; some came in after the deadline and were thus not counted. Further, during the voting period, voters from each team were still being identified. Thus while this poll provides a good basis for how each region views its teams, the lack of information available to voters and flaws with the design these results should be taken with a grain of salt. We will continue to run coaches polls throughout the season to reflect how each region views its own teams.

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University of Miami (UM) (2)
Florida's Finest (FF) (2)
College of Charleston (CofC)
The Southern Storm (SS)
Florida Gulf Coast Quidditch (FGCU)
Tennessee Tech Quidditch (TTU)
University of South Florida Quidditch
University of South Carolina (USC)
Florida Gulf Coast Quidditch
Others Receiving Votes: University of Florida Quidditch (8), RCQC (7), Florida International University (5), Florida State University (1)
Notes: Five votes were cast, one ballot was rejected as incomplete.
Voters Explain Their Decisions:

Voter 1

1. I would go with FF, just because it will be strong throughout the entire year, and I feel like its individual position players are stronger than what other teams have. Its new additions will fit in well with its veteran players and FF will make its run for a championship. The only downfall is of course that unlike UM, FF does not practice regularly as a team.

2. UM is stronger than ever in my opinion, and deserves No. 1 as well. But UM has many new pieces. It has rookies and returning vets. The only downfall I see with it is handling that mixture of veterans playing with newcomers (playing time). Also I believe many personalities are at UM. Don't get me wrong though, they all have great minds for the game, but sometimes a few people may be unwilling to listen to someone else's opinion.

3. CofC is my third team ahead of SS because I believe that what it did last year is not a fluke. This team has some very athletic people, they are well trained, and they are very physical, which will allow CofC to compete with any of the teams in the South. The loss of Steven Schwark is a big one, but the team has people ready to step up and take his place.

4. SS is No. 4 behind CofC due to its lack of a regular practice routine. I'm not sure if SS will have everyone able to conduct practices, but they have the individual pieces to be great. I was able to compete in the fantasy tournament up in North Carolina over the summer summer and was able to recognize SS’s pieces. I left amazed and I know it is going to run the tables throughout the year and at the regional championship.

5. FGCU came out extremely strong during Canes classic and played well against both From what I can tell, FF and UM are also very physical. I saw FGCU make a few errors due to its inexperience but those will be corrected throughout the year. I really liked what I saw.

6 and 7. I put TTU and inTENNsity for spots 6 and 7. From reading and listening to some podcasts, I had to put them ahead of the teams in Florida.
8. USF can easily be a top three team. The showing it had at Canes Classic was not even close to the roster I expect it to have at the regional championship.

9. RCQC is No. 9 based on the strength of other teams ahead of it. Nine is what it (somewhat) received at the regional championship too. I believe RCQC will be the fourth or fifth best team in Florida throughout the season. There will be new players to watch out for on RCQC. If so, RCQC can jump up to fight for a fourth bid during the regional championship.
10. USC is my last team in the poll. South Carolina has always produced a solid team every year and I expect it to improve this year.

Voter 2

I placed Miami at first because it went to double overtime against FF, and from what I heard Sean Beloff was hurt and didn't play much. If he played like I know he can, it could very probably win in regulation. Naturally, FF came in second after Miami. CofC is third because it is a talented team that often finds itself struggling during snitch-range games. USC is a close fourth behind CofC. They share many of the same problems, including snitch-range panic, but USC should have a full roster this season which will help. Southern Storm is fifth because quality between USC and CofC is tight; with the addition of Steven Schwark, SS could be a dangerous team. InTENNsity is sixth because I've heard a lot of good things about it. USF I’ve ranked seventh because it had a solid core at regionals last year, but I heard it might have lost a few players. I placed TTU at eight because year after year it puts out a solid team but it lost players to InTENNsity. I unfortunately do not have much information on RCQC or FSU.

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