Saturday, July 11, 2015

Northwest Fantasy Draft

Welcome to the Northwest Fantasy Draft! Featuring great players and an interesting draft format, this will be a draft worth following.
For an explanation of the rules for this card pack based draft, here is Kym Couch, tournament director:

"There are 16 packs of 8 players. Each pack has roughly the same "value" of players (within each pack the players will range from good to not as good). The GMs do not know who is in each pack, they just know "this is Pack 1."
Each GM picks a pack. The whole pack is then revealed to them, but they do not know if the Selection Committee gave a player a high or low ranking. From that pack, they choose one player. They then "pass" the pack to the next GM in line, who chooses their next player and passes it to the next GM and so on until all 8 packs in that round are cleared. There are two rounds like this until all players are chosen. For those of you who are more visual thinkers, I have created this spreadsheet showing a sample draft:…/1m0ko3YgNPwIIMTHhBzBhL9ti7m…/edit… This drafting style was developed by Jeff Shermantor, for the Gotta Train 'Em All Tournament, who will be assisting with the draft. The "Pack Selection Committee" consists of Austin Wallace, Marcus Toomey, and Kym Couch, who organized the packs, in order to ensure that Pack 1 is just as good as Pack 16."
One of the interesting ramifications of this draft style is that half of the star players won't get picked until the second round of packs, so roster construction has to be approached differently.

After the draft, the packs will all be revealed.

Follow the draft sheet here.

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