Friday, May 29, 2015

West Fantasy Draft

Welcome to the Quidditch Post's coverage of West Fantasy. Check back here throughout the draft.

Official sheet:

Another live sheet provided by Josh Vinson can be found here.

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By Evan Bell
This is going to be a hybrid auction/snake draft with no trading.
Before the draft:
GMs were sorted randomly into a draft order. The draft order is as follows:
1.) Sarah Kneiling (Teal)
2.) Roger Thompson (Brown)
3.) Kayl Eubanks (Green)
4.) Craig Garrison/Paxton Casey (Tie-Dye)
5.) Tad Walters/Josh Mansfield (White)
6.) Hank Dugie (Burnt Orange)
7.) Kyle Epsteen (Pink)
8.) Elizabeth Barcelos/Ali Fishman (Purple)
9.) Andy Marmer (Gray)
10.) Harrison Baucom (Black)
11.) Kym Couch (Red)
12.) Sean Pretti (Blue)
Day 1: Auction Draft
Each GM is awarded 1000 galleons with which to bid on players. Each GM will take turns (in a snake format, with Kneiling selecting first) announcing the name of a player that the GMs will bid on, as well as the starting bid. The GMs will then bid on that player, and the GM who bids the highest is awarded the player. There will be a minimum starting bid requirement, as well as a minimum raise requirement. When a player is awarded to a GM, that player takes the next available spot on the GMs line-up (so the first player you draft is considered your first round draft pick). I will oversee the draft as auctioneer to make sure players are chosen in a timely manner. The auction draft will continue until either all GMs have spent most or all of their money (as determined by the tournament staff), or until we have reached the 5 hour limit on Day 1. Any money that is not spent on Day 1 will not carry over.
Day 2: Snake Draft
We will use this format to fill in all remaining roster spots so that each team has 15 players. To do this, we will be going by overall draft picks. I've included a spreadsheet below so you can visualize what we're talking about. The X's indicate players that each GM has already purchased on Day 1, the numbers indicate overall draft picks, and the green highlights indicate where each GM's first pick of Day 2 occurs. Each GM will have 2 minutes to make their selection. If a GM takes less than 2 minutes for their pick, that time is not carried over to the next selection. If a GM takes longer than 2 minutes, their draft choice is postponed until the end of the draft. Exceptions may be made, on a case-by-case basis, for technical difficulties.
After the Draft (Secondary Draft)
If a player drops between today and June 13th, the GM will be allowed to replace them in the secondary draft on June 14th. A wait list player will be given a spot in the secondary draft, and the draft will be in a snake format (just like Day Two). This is particularly important in regards to Day One, because if a GM loses a player they bought, they still have to replace that player via a snake format.

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