Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Match Report: Wrackspurts defeat Blackburn Basilisks

By Liam Mcmoppin

The Wrackspurts defeated the Blackburn Basilisks 60*-40 in the first of the team’s Vic Cup matches against one another. Bodie Nash proved hero for the Wrackspurts with a snitch catch to seal the come-from-behind victory.

The Vic Cup, Victoria’s annual tournament, sees each of Victoria’s seven teams face off twice annually. Both teams entered the contest with very different squads from last year’s 110*-50 Wrackspurts victory as last season’s victors picked up a number of high-profile transfers while the Basilisks also recruited a great deal of talent.

The Wrackspurts came out strong defensively, employing a man-to-man look rather than a hoops defense that they had previously featured. This, combined with over 60 percent bludger control stymied the Basilisks who looked rusty for much of the game. Global Games player James Osmond struggled to break through what seemed to be a new found solidity in the Wrackspurts defence. Although they struggled early, the class of Osmond and James Thorpe showed as the Basilisks took a strong hold on the game leading 40-10 with the snitch back on pitch, around 25 minutes into the game. The Basilisks were having longer and more threatening drives than the Wrackspurts, but were not converting these opportunities. Although the Wrackspurts were maintaining bludger control, they were doing so primarily with a double male beating combo, leaving their offense too much to do against a much larger sized Basilisks chaser line up.

As the game slowed and both teams tired, it was the Wrackspurts however who scored twice, dramatically swinging the momentum back their way. Nash, one of the Wrackspurts prized transfers, snagged the snitch to give the Wrackspurts the win 60*-40 in a defence-dominated game. Whether the result will be the same next time the two teams play each other, this humble writer suggests not. Both teams however will be very strong competitors at the coming Melbourne hosted tournaments, Mudbash 2015 and Quafl 2015.

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