Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rock Hill Roll Call Part XXIII

We’ve made a lot of changes and aren’t quite sure where we stand as a journalistic entity, so we asked our friends at the Eighth Man to do a bit of a breakdown of where we’re at right now.

By Anonymous
The Quidditch Post has really burst onto the international scene, and it’s that global coverage that makes it stand out. UK’s Jack Lennard and Canada’s Austin Wallace give their leadership an international flair, and recently announced Australia Editor Luke Derrick has the potential to be a real game changer. While the Quidditch Post isn’t always the flashiest, its ability to dirty its hands and get the job done is what makes it stand out. This can-do attitude is epitomized by Abby Whiteley, an all-star from across the pond, who brings a solid knowledge of grammar and linguistic flair to the UK editor position. The Post has asked her to take on the Europe Editor duty. While it’s possible the Post might be asking too much of Whiteley, her talent should help her bear the load. The addition of Asia Editor Andrew Kasimir has the potential to be a strong under-the-radar move.
Wallace and Lennard are the keys to the Quidditch Post’s international game. With diverse experiences, the two complement each other well. However, being located far apart is both a strength and a weakness for them. Being far apart gives them diverse contacts, but it might make communication difficult.
By Anonymous
The Quidditch Post has really burst onto the journalism scene this year with a wide array of international coverage. CEO Andy Marmar is a real playmaker, making appearances all over the field and doing what needs to be done. Marmar is a veteran of the game who has made the transition to the Quidditch Post after a two-year career with USQ.
A player who doesn’t get enough credit is CEO Lindsay Garten. Garten, a real workhorse for the Post, is a do-it-all contributor. Garten isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and can do it all for the Quidditch Post. She brings a wealth of editing experience to her position and, despite her size,
isn’t afraid to give it a go against any challenger. Her ability to simultaneously run the show and battle in the trenches makes her a real asset.
Kristin Backert and Sarah Goad have been there since Day One with the Post and are major contributors to the team. With years of experience at their disposal, both are key cogs in the Quidditch Post engine.
New USA Editors Azeem Hussain and Danielle Lehmann may not be well known to outsiders, but the Quidditch Post will be relying heavily on the crucial roles they will play. The contributions of individuals like Alexis Moody; Sasha Burgoyne, herself international; Isabella Gong; and Mitchell Hatfield are yet to be truly seen, but all have the talent to succeed and to power the Quidditch Post to new heights.

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