Saturday, April 4, 2015

Quidditch Post and Beyond The Snitch Announce Merger

The Quidditch Post is today delighted to announce that a deal has been reached with prominent Australian quidditch media outlet Beyond The Snitch to formalise a merger between the two organisations. 

Under the term of the agreement, the current structure of Beyond The Snitch will form the foundations for the new Australian department of the Quidditch Post, with Luke Derrick, founder of Beyond The Snitch, becoming the new Australian Editor. Derrick will also be bringing with him the entire Beyond The Snitch staff, providing an immediate boost to coverage of Australian quidditch on an international level.

Beyond The Snitch has been providing Australia with detailed and fascinating coverage and analysis of quidditch in the region since Sept. 2014, and has since become a mainstay of Australian quidditch discussion, with the podcast that is central to the outlet gaining large audiences, despite its relative youth.

“I am incredibly excited to work with the people from the Quidditch Post” said Derrick. “They have been doing great work recently and I know with their help I can only grow everything I was doing with Beyond the Snitch.”

Photo by Isabella Gong
Luke Derrick, new Australian Editor for the Quidditch Post

Andy Marmer, Quidditch Post CEO, is thrilled to bring Derrick’s team on staff.

“I continue to be amazed by the quality of individuals interested in joining the Quidditch Post.” said Marmer. “Luke is the perfect person to expand our Australian coverage and help us become a top media outlet in one of the great quidditch countries.”

If you want to get involved in providing outstanding coverage of Australian quidditch to a vast global audience, please fill out this form.

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