Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Onward to Oxford: Lille Black Snitches

As part of our efforts to preview all 32 teams competing in the European Quidditch Cup (EQC), the Quidditch Post is chatting with representatives from each team. Today we spoke with Laura Desquiens, a member of the Lille Black Snitches.

Photo Courtesy of Lille Muggle Quidditch
Quidditch Post: What are your hopes for this tournament?
Laura: The team is still young, but I know it has the means to go far. We have already played a lot of tournaments, so we have experience. I know there are really good teams in this tournament, but we have a good spirit that will let us move forward during the EQC.

QP: How does your team hope to improve upon its performance this year?
Laura: Last year,we took very few players to EQC and fell into the Pool of Death with the Radcliffe Chimeras, Paris Phénix, and Paris Frog Quidditch. The pool we have this year is much cooler compared to the previous one. We know that we have a chance to advance in the tournament. We are much more numerous, and we have much more experience.

QP: Are there any specific teams you are excited about playing?
Laura: We don't have any special teams against which we want to play. With the Black Snitches, we love discovering new teams, different games, and players. It's always a pleasure to play in a tournament like this because we always learn something new.

QP: Who are some of the key players on your team?
Laura: I expected this question; most of our players are good, yet we know we have much to learn. If I had to say a few key players, I would say our beater Rudy Delobel; he is incredible on the pitch and has a crazy aggressiveness to his playing style. My captain Thomas Huglo fears nothing, not even contact. And our two keepers Agathe Delephine and Clement Hasbroucq are strong when they are on the pitch. They have mastered the game so well, and for my part I love watching them play when I'm not on the pitch!

QP: Have you done any special training for EQC?
Laura: The team has been working hard in recent weeks, and we are greatly motivated. We had a tournament a month ago, which allowed us to see what is not going into our game. We give a lot of advice to the players to change their style and the style of our team. This weekend is the last before the EQC, and the team will have a pretty intensive training.

QP: Which game in your group do you think you are most likely to win?
Laura: I do not personally know the teams we play against that well, apart from the Barcelona Eagles. I like them because they are at a very good level. From what I can see, the Loughborough Longshots are a very good team; I cannot say whether or not we can win against them because I do not really know their game, and so I cannot judge. Same for the Leicester Thestrals! What matters is that we will thoroughly give the best of ourselves, regardless of the scores.

QP: Thanks for your time!
Laura: Thank you.

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