Friday, April 3, 2015

Best Seeker: Harry Greenhouse

Over the past month, the Quidditch Post has been trying to answer the question: Who is the best quidditch player? Our judges and voters have narrowed it to six players, and we’d like to give our readers a chance to meet each of these elites. Today, we talked to Harry Greenhouse of Maryland Quidditch, the best seeker.

Photo by Isabella Gong
Quidditch Post: Congratulations on winning the best seeker bracket. What do you think has been the key to your success as a seeker?
Harry: The key has been all the work I’ve put in. I’ve spent an insane amount of days training for this sport as a seeker and as a chaser. I’ve constantly trained to get better, whether through lifting, seeker training with my seeker coach, Ricky Nelson, self-directed practice, and even just training through wrestling. Its all about pushing myself to be the best that has gotten me where I am.

QP: You have a background as a high school wrestler; how do you think that has influenced your style?
Harry: That is my style. Everything I do comes from it, and the way I train is based off of it. I have to use it; wrestling is me.

QP: Aside from that, I would say the thing that came up most in discussions is your relentless pursuit of snitches. What drives you to put in so much work?
Harry: First off, the game is on me when its in range, so I have to catch the snitch. Plus, I always give everything I’ve got in everything I do: 200 percent all the time!
I want to win; I want to win more than anything in the world, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to win and push past all possible limits to do that.

QP: You've been influential in helping to put the Maryland program on the map. How have you seen the program and the sport grow across your four years?
Harry: The sport and team when I first started was still trying to figure out what it truly was, whether it was a sport or something goofy. I’ve seen how much the sport has changed and become the full, intense game it is now, and I love it. For Maryland, the team went through a similar path and is now the competitive team we have now. I’m so proud of everything we’ve done; the team has gotten so much better every year and has grown so much.

QP: You'll be graduating soon; any post-graduation plans, be it personal, quidditch, or professional?
Harry: I’m planning on going into teaching and coaching. As for quidditch, I guess we'll see.

QP: Did you study education at the University of Maryland?
Harry: Yes.

QP: Outside of quidditch, how do you like to spend your time? Any hobbies?
Harry: I enjoy hanging out with my friends. Plus, I love playing other sports like baseball, basketball, soccer, and football. I love lifting and going to the gym. Since I used to wrestle, I love everything about wrestling and wrestle whenever I get the chance, including coaching it during winter break!

QP: In addition to seeking, as you mentioned before, you're also a skilled chaser. How would you compare the two positions?
Harry: They are incredibly different. Skill-wise, they take completely different skill sets. The similarities come with the athleticism and possibly with physicality in tackling being similar to my wrestling seeking. The thing that I use that is the same for the positions is the attitude I bring. Its always all in, all the time, 200 percent, and constant intensity and bringing a high motor. Its what helps me be successful at both positions.

QP: Let's finish up with some rapid fire questions. Favorite food?
Harry: Meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

QP: Favorite color?
Harry: Purple or Maryland flag.

QP: I suppose you're obligated to say that. Favorite non-quidditch athlete?
Harry: Russell Westbrook.

QP: Favorite artist/musician?
Harry: Zac Brown Band.

QP: Lucky number?
Harry: 19.

QP: Thanks, Harry; we appreciate it.

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