Saturday, April 4, 2015

Best Male Keeper: Stephen Bell

Over the past month, the Quidditch Post has been trying to answer the question: Who is the best quidditch player? Our judges and voters have narrowed it to six players, and we’d like to give our readers a chance to meet each of these elites. Today, we talked to Stephen Bell, the best male keeper.

Photo by Lauren Carter
Quidditch Post: Congratulations on winning the best keeper bracket. You've accomplished a lot in your career: gold medal, regional championship, World Cup. What is your best memory from your time playing quidditch?
Stephen: Thanks, I really appreciate it. Quidditch has given me a ton of great memories, but for me it's really all about playing the games and competing. I'm just ’bout that action boss.

QP: How did you first start playing quidditch? Why?
Stephen: I appreciate you asking that question. I got into quidditch through my friends. I played intramural basketball with two women who also played on the quidditch team. After our basketball season finished, they suggested I try going to a practice, so I did.

QP: What has kept you playing?
Stephen: I have kept playing because the game is fun, and I enjoy playing it with my friends. Another thing is that I made an agreement with Kody Marshall to play for a certain amount of time, so I'm also just here so I don't get fined.
QP: Outside of quidditch what are some of the things you enjoy doing? Any hobbies?
Stephen: I play basketball, watch a lot of Netflix, and do a little reading. I've also been really into Skittles lately.

QP: Let's finish up with some rapid fire questions. Favorite color?
Stephen: Blue.

QP: Favorite (non-quidditch) sport?
Stephen: Basketball.

QP: Favorite season?
Stephen Summer.

QP: Favorite (non-quidditch) team and/or athlete?
Stephen: Michael Jordan.

QP: Favorite food?
Stephen: Skittles.

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