Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Best Male Chaser: Kody Marshall

Over the past month, the Quidditch Post has been trying to answer the question: Who is the best quidditch player? Our judges and voters have narrowed it to six players, and we’d like to give our readers a chance to meet each of these elites. Today, we talked to Kody Marshall, the best male chaser.
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Quidditch Post: First off, congratulations on winning the best male chaser bracket. You’ve had a lot of success in quidditch, winning a World Cup, a Global Games, and a regional championship, among other feats. Which accomplishment are you most proud of?
Kody Marshall: Without a doubt the World Cup championship!

QP: What has allowed you to be so successful?
Kody: Champions are champions are champions! Furthermore, I have had the fortune to be surrounded by champions. Moreover; our team workouts consist of hillies, jumpies, sprinties and boundies.

QP: Outside of quidditch, what are some of the things you enjoy?
Kody: I treasure the time I get to spend with my loved ones, my moon and stars and the blood of my blood. When with them I like competition, adventure and tomfoolery.

QP: How about professionally? What do you do?
Kody:  I measure floors for Home Depot!

QP: You’re a long-time veteran of the sport; do you have a sense of how much longer you intend to play?
Kody: I will most probably stop playing competitively after I have three World Cup victories….who knows how long that might take! Then I will most likely play for fun on the Lone Star Quidditch Club Dillos* indefinitely.

QP: How did you first get involved playing quidditch?
Kody: Well, I was trying to find a nice contact sport to get involved in after trying and not liking rugby. I saw a video for the University of Texas at Austin quidditch team online, and I got very excited. It was a great combination of competition, contact, and Harry Potter—all things that I love!

QP: What kept you playing?
Kody:  I love competition and this sport gets more and more competitive and thus I love it more and more! Furthermore, I am really good at it and who doesn't like being really good at things! Plus, the people in quidditch are pretty great I guess.

QP: You’ve been atop the sport for years now; how do you keep yourself motivated?
Kody: Here are my goals: Win three World Cups, don’t let my teammates down, be the Brett Favre of quidditch, never grow up, and win!

QP: Are there any particular players who have had an influence on your play or life?
Kody:  Jacob Adlis and Chris Morris created the first really competitive team I played for Texas Quidditch and Chris was my first quidditch captain. Drew Wasikowski was my first great competitor in the sport. Now I have the opportunity to play and train with some truly great athletes like Stephen Bell and Simon Arends who push me to stay great. Furthermore, I met the love of my life Sarah Holub playing quidditch!

QP: What do you think makes you such a good chaser?
Kody:  Here is the truth, if you can’t live with losing and can’t live without winning… will eventually start winning more than losing! I have to win….I HAVE TO! That kind of drive, being surrounded by great players, a wrestling background and being an extremely gifted and humble athlete have made me pretty good at chaser.

QP: Let’s finish up with a few rapid fire questions. Favorite food?
Kody: Calzones!

QP: Favorite color?
Kody. Red, white and blue.

QP: Favorite (non-quidditch) sport?
Kody: Croquet.

QP: Favorite musician or artist?
Kody: My favorite band is Mumford and Sons. 

QP: Favorite team or athlete?
Kody: Lone Star Quidditch Club and Sarah Holub!

QP: Favorite non-quidditch athlete?
Kody: Muhammad Ali. He knew he was the greatest!

QP: Lucky number?
Kody: Number one.

QP: Thanks, Kody; we appreciate it.

* The Dillos are the official mascot of Lone Star Quidditch Club

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