Monday, April 6, 2015

80 in 80: Silver Phoenix

As part of our efforts to preview all 80 teams competing in USQ World Cup 8, the Quidditch Post is chatting with representatives from each team. Today we spoke with
Trey Windon, coach and captain of the Silver Phoenix.

Photo by Rosemary Ross
Quidditch Post: Last year, the team failed to advance to bracket play, falling out with a 1-3 record. What impact do you think that experience will have on this year's team?
Trey: As far as the players go, I think last year has been a bit of a motivating factor for a better performance overall from Silver. While only a handful of players are left over from our last World Cup trip, the team has been highly motivated to always do better than it has in the past, and I believe our game results show that.

QP: What are your goals for this year?
Trey: For World Cup, I think any team going should at least be aiming for making bracket play.

QP: What will it take for the team to make bracket play?
Trey: I think it'll take all we have and then some. While being a second team can definitely work against a team normally, this team has used it as a motivational factor. When teams underestimate us, they pay for it. If this team goes into Day One with that attitude and plays its heart out, then I feel we have a chance.

QP: The Texas A&M program is one of the most successful in all of quidditch. How does being associated with the program impact your team?
Trey: The impact is pretty huge. Recruiting in both the fall and spring is a fairly big event, with tryouts bringing in so many people. Both teams have never had a shortage of athletes. I think it also creates a higher standard for both teams. While everyone obviously knows the standard A&M is held to, Silver is also held to a decently high standard. The team has qualified for World Cup in every year of its existence, which in my opinion is a pretty big deal for a team that doesn't normally get a first pick of available players.

QP: Who would you say are some of the team's key players?
Trey: Keeper Sean Church has been the central piece to making Silver's offense work, along with chasers Geno Cantรบ and Shawn Erwin. Beater Alyssa Osterhout is easily one of the best beaters to ever play for Silver and come through the program in the past few years. Midseason acquisitions Alyssa York (formerly of A&M) and Carlos Elarba (formerly of Sam Houston State University Quidditch) were also huge to our overall performance at the regional championship.

QP: Are there particular teams that you hope to face?
Trey: Either A&M or Lone Star Quidditch Club. A matchup with A&M would be interesting because I don't think the two teams have ever met in an official match. And Silver's matches with Lone Star are always entertaining, to say the least.

QP: Would you say the team has a particular style of play?
Trey: I would say we're a team that can attack in multiple ways both physically and mentally.

QP: Is there anything else you think our readers should know?
Trey: Two words: hornet's nest.

QP: Can you elaborate?
Trey: It can't really be explained; you just have to experience it by watching Silver play.

QP: Thanks, Trey; we appreciate it.
Trey: No problem.

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