Monday, March 30, 2015

Onward to Oxford: Deurne Dodo

As part of our efforts to preview all 32 teams competing in the European Quidditch Cup (EQC), the Quidditch Post is chatting with representatives from each team. Today we spoke with Louis Lermytte, captain of Deurne Dodo.

Photo by: Zoomerang Photography

Quidditch Post: Coming off of Benelux Cup, how do you feel about your team going into EQC?
Louis: As a team, we want to forget Benelux Cup as soon as possible. We weren't close to the level that we are able to play and didn't have the right mentality to win. I believe that this team has a lot of talent, but we haven't showed our full potential yet. At EQC, we will have the chance to bounce back and show Europe that we're the best team in the Benelux.

QP: Just about everyone had you as the favorites at Benelux. Why do you think the team struggled?
Louis: It would be easy to blame our loss on missing two key players. Seppe de Wit wasn't able to play in Benelux Cup, and in the final we missed our captain and starting keeper Willem Ardui.

But I think this team is talented enough to have put the game out of snitch range. We received two red cards, one of them for our beater, and some yellows, which frustrated the team (the reds were all good calls, though). Because of that frustration, we missed some easy opportunities to score and lost focus on our defense. Overall, we didn’t play our best tournament, but we'll be ready when EQC comes.

QP: What are your goals for EQC?
Louis: Survive the group stages and go to the winners bracket. We'll see what comes after that.

QP: Group D doesn't look to be the easiest. What do you think it'll take to make bracket play and thrive?
Louis: Play our best quidditch.

QP: Are there particular players who will be key to that?
Louis: The most obvious choice would be Seppe de Wit, aka “The SeppExpress.” His chasing is just phenomenal. Beater Faust Eeckhout is also one of our key players. His name isn't really known in Europe, but he's hands down the best beater in the Benelux.

QP: What would you say makes them so good?
Louis: Seppe is one of the most athletic players of Europe, and he just knows how to score. Faust is a very quick and intelligent player.

QP: How would you describe the team's style of play?
Louis: That's for other teams to find out.

QP: Are there particular teams you hope to face?
Louis: If we proceed to the winner’s bracket, it would be nice to see how we'd match up against an elite UK team. However, facing the Brussels Qwaffles another time at EQC (they knocked us out last year) would be fun too.

QP: Thank you for your time. We appreciate it.
Louis: No problem.

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