Friday, March 27, 2015

Burgoyne Appointed as VP Human Resources and CFO

The Quidditch Post is delighted to announce that Sasha Burgoyne has been selected to act as both VP Human Resources and the Chief Financial Officer. Burgoyne will bring with her experience running various university societies, knowledge of the expanding nature of the business side of quidditch, and a vision for the Quidditch Post which is in keeping with the organisation’s rapid development both now and in the future. 

Sasha Burgoyne will oversee both the organisational structure and the finances of the Quidditch Post. Alix Marie d'Avigneau
“I am very excited to have Sasha on board in such prominent positions,” said COO Jack Lennard. “Her application was incredibly impressive, and, coming as she does from the UK, I am looking forward to seeing her further our international opportunities. I feel extremely confident in placing the structure and growth of the Quidditch Post in her hands as we expand our staff body.”
“It’s great to be involved in the Quidditch Post,” said Burgoyne. “I’m really excited about being part of the team and helping to expand the organisation, especially considering how quickly it is growing. The position of CFO is really important at this stage in the development of the Quidditch Post since managing how we can make and spend money is going to be vital as we continue to grow. Currently I plan on primarily focusing on setting up discussions with potential sponsors and looking into advertising for kit producers and equipment providers. As for my role as VP Human Resources, I can’t wait to be involved in the interpersonal aspect of the organisation, making sure that everyone is happy is something I always aim to achieve and hopefully I’ll make life easier for the upper management of the Quidditch Post.”
Burgoyne’s responsibilities will begin immediately, and her first focus will be to aid a fluid transition to a significantly larger managing body than the Quidditch Post has previously had, as well as drawing up funding plans for the short and long term future. She will be working in close tandem with the upper management of the organisation as she helps create a structure that enables the Quidditch Post to effectively complete its mission of consistently providing quality content in large quantities.

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