Sunday, March 1, 2015

Best Keeper and Seeker Semifinals Results

The semifinals of the keeper and seeker brackets are in the books. See below for results.

No 1. Tony Rodriguez def. No. 4 Alex Browne 10-5*
No. 2 Stephen Bell def. No. 3 Augustine Monroe 10*-5
No. 5 Margo Aleman def. No. 1 Keir Rudolph 10-5*
No. 2 Harry Greenhouse def. No. 3 Steve DiCarlo 14*-0 (Steve abstained)
* indicates fan vote

Summary: The keeper bracket created a pair of exciting matchups. Tony Rodriguez escaped Alex Browne 10-5* despite losing the fan vote by a single vote. On the opposite side of the bracket, just three votes gave Stephen Bell a victory over Augustine Monroe in a matchup of current University of Texas keeper against a former UT keeper. Margo Aleman edged Keir Rudolph in one end of the seeker bracket, while Harry Greenhouse once again failed to drop a point in routing Steve DiCarlo. Greenhouse has yet to lose a single point in this competition.

Stay tuned for more information about the finals.


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