Thursday, February 5, 2015

Southwest Coaches Poll, Week of 2/2

The Southwest voters were asked to pick their top 10 teams following Brooms on the Brazos and the Hog Wars Cup. Fourteen voters participated in the poll. Points were allocated in the following manner: Ten points for a first place vote, nine points for a second place vote, eight points for a third place vote, etc. The votes have been tabulated and listed below in order of total votes. The number in parentheses indicates how many first place votes a team received. A “+” or “-” indicates a change from the last poll, with a plus indicating if a team is more highly ranked and a minus indicating is a team is lower ranked. An “x” indicates a team’s standing from the last poll is unchanged. Unchanged there will be an “x.”

Southwest Coaches Poll Results
1. Lonestar Quidditch Club – (14) 140 (X)
2. Texas State University - San Marcos –  117 (X)
3. University of Texas at Austin – 115 (X)
4. Baylor University – 104 (X)
5. SHSU Quidditch – 70 (X)
6. University of Texas San Antonio Club Quidditch (UTSA) – 67 (+3)
7. University of Arkansas Quidditch Club – 50 (X)
8. Oklahoma State University – 38 (X)
9. Loyola University New Orleans – 22 (+1)
10. Texas A&M Quidditch – 17 (-4)

Also receiving votes: Texas Tech Quidditch – 14, the Silver Phoenix – 5, Oklahoma Baptist University – 4, Osos De Muerte – 2, Tribe Quidditch – 1

Voters Explain Their Decisions
My top four didn’t change. UTSA showed dominance at Baylor's tournament, the 1st Annual Brooms On The Brazos Showcase, and I've seen its raw athletes perform. SHSU still has a winning record against everyone below it. I dropped A&M because of Sam Haimowitz’s (its captain) abandonment. At Hog Wars, Oklahoma State barely lost to Arkansas, but outperformed Arkansas against the other round robin opponents. Arkansas went 5-0 showing a lot of promise and seeker skill. Loyola has performed at a consistent level since beating Miami in snitch range. Having the closest loss to Baylor at Baylor's tournament meant a lot to me.”

Our above voter seems representative of the thoughts of many. Few changed their opinions on the top four as only Baylor played, and it handily won its own tournament. UTSA jumped up three spots on the back of a strong performance at Brooms on the Brazos, while Texas A&M dropped four spots due to questions about its roster and beaters. Voters did not know how to compare Oklahoma State’s strong performance at Hog Wars where it looked like the most impressive squad to Arkansas’ 5-0 performance, which included a win over Oklahoma State. Most chose to keep the hosts one spot ahead of Oklahoma State. The race between UTSA and SHSU for fifth is incredibly narrow. SHSU had seven votes for fifth place, but also three votes at eighth or lower, compared to UTSA that had four fifth place votes, but 13 top seven votes. The bottom of the poll saw some movement in voters minds, but nothing that shakes up the poll.

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