Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Best Player Bracket Update

After selecting our judges we have updated the rules of the Best Player Bracket. We have expanded to six brackets of 16 players adding a separate bracket for keepers and seekers. In the quarterfinals when there are six brackets, seekers and keepers will each be given a bye into the semifinals, while male and non-male chasers will face off for the title of best chaser and male and non-male beaters will face off for the title of best beater.

We have also updated the rules of who is eligible. Past players are not only allowed to be entered, but all players will be considered as if they were competing at their peak level be it the present or four years ago. Our voters are still considering the modern game as it is played today, but may include both past and present players at the top of their ability.

We have selected 12 judges. Each judge’s vote will count as one. Additionally, the reader’s choice will be given the weight of three votes. In the event of a tie or some other irregularity, Andy Marmer, who is administering this project, will make the tie breaking decision.

Meet the Judges

Jamie Lafrance: Hi folks! I'm Jamie, coach of Canada's no. 1 team Northstar Quidditch. I started playing at the inaugural Global Games in 2012 and still play. Ive played for the University of Ottawa, Maple Rush, and I now play for Northstar Quidditch. I have spent time on the old IQA editorial team and I look forward to helping crown the GOAT for quidditch.

Ryan Sparks: I'm Ryan Sparks, author of The Hoop Zone on Tumblr, where I've been writing mediocre analysis that 141 people read (joke's on them!). I'm a transgender second year player, playing for the University of Toledo last year, and playing with Blue Mountain Quidditch Club this year. I play where I'm told to play (mostly beater). I enjoy long walks on the beach, Dragon Ball Z, and pizza. Turn-offs include narrow-mindedness and Luke Changet.

Steve DiCarlo: I founded and captained the Hofstra University Flying Dutchmen in 2010, and am now co-founder and co-captain of the Los Angeles Gambits. I’ve been judging people since birth, and judging quidditch players since World Cup IV. I used to run an anonymous quidditch analysis blog that absolutely no one resents me for.

Colin Richards: I'm Colin Richards and I play for THE Illinois State University (ISU). I played chaser for two years and am now a beater. I am the beater captain at ISU and the Illinois/Wisconsin teams rep for USQ. My playing level is average but my jokes are at a Lone Star Quidditch Club level

Hank Dugie: Hi readers, I'm Hank.

Kody Marshall: I am Kody Marshall, captain and co-founder of the no. 1 team in the world right now, Lone Star Quidditch Club. I'm a Global Games gold medal winner and World Cup champion. I have played with and against the very best....ever! Honestly, I will probably just vote for myself.

Kelby Brooks:  I'm Kelby Brooks. Last year I founded and captained Cougar Quidditch and became a Southwest analyst for USQ. This year I play for the Los Angeles Gambits.

David Wilber: I'm David Wilber I'm a founder and three year captain for Central Michigan University. My team has qualified for World Cup each year of our existence, giving me a chance to watch some of the best players in the world. Also I don't want to brag, but I did recruit Crashley [Ashley Calhoun] to play for us, so yeah I can judge talent.

Robby May: Hi I'm Robby May. I've been playing quidditch for four-and-a-half years, and I'm in my second year as a non-playing coach at George Mason University, giving me a unique perspective on the game. I've watched the sport evolve over the years, and enjoy analyzing the factors involved in the rise and fall of top players and teams.

Evan Bell: I  have been a quidditch referee for three-and-a-half years. Some call me Evan "Red Card" "The Worst" Bell. I founded the Santa Barbara Blacktips in 2012 and was their captain and star player (What? Stop looking at me like that. Why don't you believe me?) for two years. I am  now the West Regional Director for USQ. I'm only here because it will really annoy Mitch Cavender and Dan Hanson.

Kym Couch: I'm Kym Couch. I've been an original member of Boise State Abraxans since its founding in 2012 and I am now the coach. I have been Northwest Regional Director since just after the region was announced. I no longer play and am a full time coach, referee, regional director, and consumer of everything quidditch.

Alexis Moody: I'm Alexis Moody, coach of the Chicago Phoenix Quidditch Club. I've been involved in quidditch in varying capacities since 2010 and I'm excited to add this to my resume. I think this competition is a great way for a multitude of players to get recognized for their talents. Hopefully, through the help of you voters, the best player will rise victorious.

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