Thursday, February 5, 2015

Best Player Bracket: Finalists

The judges have selected their top 12 in each of the six sub-brackets. See below for a full list. As a reminder, players are evaluated as if they were playing at the peak of their abilities in a World Cup tomorrow. We have left four spots open for a reader selection. These players will be determined based on support they receive through this official submission form. Voting will close at 11:59 EST on Sunday Feb. 8.

After selection by the judges, players were seeded by this site’s editors based on their own opinions.

Male Beater:
  1. Asher King-Abramson
  2. Colin Capello
  3. Peter Lee
  4. Andy Abayan
  5. David Gilbert
  6. Chris Seto
  7. Max Havlin
  8. Trevor Campbell
  9. Chad Brown
  10. Alex Leitch
  11. Ryan Peavler
  12. Sean Pagoada
  13. Jacob Adlis

Editor’s Note: Our judges could not narrow their list to just 12 choices so voters may only pick three male beaters. We offer you an extra seeker selection as an apology.

Multiple judges advocated for Steven Tindula and Tad Walters, while Reed Duncan, Sean Fry, Kody LaBauve, Freddy Salinas, Michael Sanders, Chris Scholz, and Eric Willroth also received consideration.
Non-Male Beater:
  1. Kyrie Timbrook
  2. Mollie Lensing
  3. Hope Machala
  4. Brittany Ripperger
  5. Ashley Calhoun
  6. Katrina Bossotti
  7. Amanda “Turtles” Nagy
  8. Beth Clementi
  9. Jennifer Baumgartner
  10. Julie Fritz
  11. Missy Sponagle
  12. Lauren Carter

Multiple judges advocated for Tina Kinstedt, and Shannon Moorhead, while Savannah Allison, Christian Dowdle, Dale King-Evans, and Melinda Staup also received consideration
Male Chaser
  1. Kody Marshall
  2. Drew Wasikowski
  3. Kedzie Teller
  4. Simon Arends
  5. Chris Morris
  6. Brad Armentor
  7. Aryan Ghoddossy
  8. Daniel Daugherty
  9. Ren Bettendorf
  10. Kifer Gregoire
  11. Jeremy Boettner
  12. Sean Beloff

Multiple judges advocated for Andrew Axtell, Dre Clements, Harry Greenhouse, August Lührs, and Hai Nguyen, while Adam Bell, Trent Miller, Peter Reynebeau, and Brandon Scapa also received consideration.
Non-Male Chaser
  1. Sarah Holub
  2. Vanessa Goh
  3. Missy Sponagle
  4. Becca DuPont
  5. Hannah Monty
  6. Hannah DeBaets
  7. Audrey Wright
  8. Erin Mallory
  9. Meredith Taylor
  10. Melissa White
  11. Kaci Erwin
  12. Keri Callegari

Multiple judges advocated for Krystina Packard and Justine Taylor, while Nichole Galle also received consideration.
  1. Tony Rodriguez
  2. Stephen Bell
  3. Augustine Monroe
  4. Alex Browne
  5. Zach Luce
  6. Jayke Archibald
  7. Brendan Stack
  8. Michael Parada
  9. Jacob Bruner
  10. David Fox
  11. David Hoops
  12. Connor Drake

Multiple judges advocated for Darren Creary, John Gaffigan, David Prueter, and Tyler Sessions, while Mike Gallagher, Isaac Mitchell, and David Stack also received consideration.
  1. Keir Rudolph
  2. Harry Greenhouse
  3. Steve DiCarlo
  4. Kenny Chilton
  5. Margo Aleman
  6. Dirk Hyrekewicz
  7. Porter Marsh
  8. Sam “Sunshine” Roitblat
  9. Billy Greco
  10. August Lührs
  11. Kifer Gregoire

Multiple judges advocated for David Moyer and Isaac Salazar, while Jason Bowling, Robbie Dugald, Duncan Ferguson, Donovan McNiff, Adam Robillard, Josh Taylor, Jason Winn, and Andrew Zagelbaum also received consideration.

Brackets designed by Alexis Moody

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