Friday, February 13, 2015

Best Non-Male Chaser First Round Results

The first round of the non-male chaser bracket is in the books. See below for results, a summary of key matchups and an updated bracket. Voting for next week will close on Feb. 18 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

No 1. Sarah Holub def. No. 16 Juliane Schillinger 15*-0
No. No. 9 Meredith Taylor def. No. 8 Erin Mallory 8-6* (one abstention)
No. 4 Becca DuPont def. No. 13 Pari Yost 15*-0
No. 5 Hannah Monty def. No. 12 Keri Callegari 9*-5 (one abstention)
No. 2 Vanessa Goh def. No. 15 Nichole Galle 15*-0
No. 7 Audrey Wright def. No. 10 Melissa White 13*-2
No. 3 Missy Sponagle def. No. 14 Elisabeth Jørstad 15*-0
No. 6 Hannah DeBaets def. No. 11 Kaci Erwin 12*-3
* indicates fan vote


The top four seeds all cruised to sweeps with easy 15*-0 wins. Only one match was decided by voters as No. 5 Hannah Monty squeaked over No. 12 Keri Callegari with 56 percent of the vote, while our judges were confident in their decisions in taking No. 6 seed Hannah DeBaets, No. 7 Audrey Wright, and No. 9 Meredith Taylor.

Matchup of the Day: No. 5 Hannah Monty def. No. 12 Keri Callegari
Hannah Monty burst onto the scene (at least for Americans) at West Fantasy in 2014 and the next week at Global Games. At both tournaments her skills were apparent: speed, strength, and finishing ability ranking among her finest attributes. Monty possesses all of the skills required to be a top-level chaser.

Upset Special: No. 9 Meredith Taylor def. No. 8 Erin Mallory
With her long history in basketball Taylor has brought good hands, fantastic positioning, and spot on shooting to her chasing game. Those skills catapulted her to the national spotlight during Bowling Green State University’s unexpected run to the final four of World Cup VI. In the seasons since Kissimmee it was discovered that Taylor was playing with a cyst in her wrist, it was surgically removed recently, and she was still one of the top scorers on her team. Taylor is also known for her “hands-up” style of defense, another benefit of her basketball background. That style creates turnovers, blocks shots, and allows for her to move with her opponents in a tight man defense.     

To vote in the quarterfinals, click here.

The first round of the keeper bracket closes this evening at 11:59 p.m. EST. To vote in those matchups, click here.


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