Saturday, February 14, 2015

Best Keeper First Round Results

The first round of the keeper bracket is in the books. See below for results, a summary of key matchups and an updated bracket. Voting for next week will close on Feb. 20 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

No 1. Tony Rodriguez def. No. 16 John Gaffigan 15*-0
No. No. 9 Jacob Bruner def. No. 8 Michael Parada 15*-0
No. 4 Alex Browne def. No. 13 David Prueter 13*-2
No. 5 Zach Luce def. No. 12 Connor Drake 13*-0 (two abstentions)
No. 2 Stephen Bell def. No. 15 Luke Twist 15*-0
No. 7 Brendan Stack def. No. 10 David Fox 14*-1
No. 3 Augustine Monroe def. No. 14 Darren Creary 15*-0
No. 6 Jayke Archibald def. No. 11 David Hoops 13*-2
* indicates fan vote


The first round of the keeper bracket lacked compelling matchups, featuring a series of blowouts. The most interesting result might be former Boston University keeper Brendan Stack, the No. 7 seed, handily defeating Emerson’s David Fox, the No. 10 seed. The quarterfinals should feature an interesting matchup with No. 4 Alex Browne, formerly of UCLA, taking on present UCLA keeper No. 5 Zach Luce. 

Matchup of the Day: N/A

Upset Special: No. 9 Jacob Bruner def. No. 8 Michael Parada
It’s tough to call this an upset when it was a 15-0 shutout. This seems to have been more a mistake of seeding than an actual upset. 

To vote in the quarterfinals, click here

The first round of the seeker bracket closes this evening at 11:59 p.m. EST. To vote in those matchups, click here.


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