Wednesday, February 4, 2015

80 in 80: Purdue

As part of our efforts to preview all 80 teams competing in USQ World Cup 8, the Quidditch Post is chatting with representatives from each team. Today we spoke with Alec Rife, coach of the Purdue Intercollegiate Quidditch Association
Photo by Sarah Ranfranz

Quidditch Post: So, what are Purdue's goals at this year's World Cup?
Alec: Being competitive in every game we play is paramount. We are a relatively young team, and our newer players are just starting to realize what it takes to compete at a high level. We have a dedicated group here, and everyone is excited to challenge themselves. Other goals include staying healthy and having fun.

QP: Haha, understandable. So, what is the team looking forward to most about World Cup?
Alec: Purdue Quidditch is a family above all else. We love getting to meet new teams and play against great competition, but I think we are looking forward to spending the weekend with 21 of our best friends the most. What happens on the pitch is what everyone else sees, but it's what happens off the pitch that you really remember.

QP: That's absolutely true. Speaking of meeting new teams, are there any teams in particular you'd like to play at World Cup?
Alec: Had I been asked this last year, I would have said any of the international teams. Unfortunately, the separation of USQ from the IQA has removed those types of matches. There aren't any teams we are hoping to play in particular, I guess. We just want to represent the Midwest region as best as we can.

QP: Are there any "under-the-radar" players for Purdue who could make an impact at World Cup?
Alec: Well, we haven't taken stock of who will be on the roster yet, but there are several players from Purdue who could have an impact. Sophomore Michael Nalepka and freshman Amy Hildebrandt are going to be one of the premier beating combos in our region within the next few years, and keeper George Mitchel is quite possibly the most versatile athlete Purdue Quidditch has ever had. Any of those players could have breakout performances at World Cup.

QP: That's always good to have. Thanks very much for your time, Alec! Best of luck to Purdue the rest of the season!
Alec: I appreciate that. Thanks for the interview!

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