Monday, February 2, 2015

80 in 80: Minnesota

  • As part of our efforts to preview all 80 teams competing in USQ World Cup 8, the Quidditch Post is chatting with representatives from each team. Today we spoke with Tim Ohlert, coach of Minnesota Quidditch.
    Photo by Minnesota Quidditch

  • Quidditch Post: So, what are Minnesota's goals for World Cup this year?
  • Tim: I think we're hoping to be safely within the Top 25 on Day One, and on Day Two an appearance in the Sweet 16 is the place to shoot for at this point.

  • QP: That's a goal that's far easier said than done, especially considering the new Swiss format of World Cup. What will it take to achieve those goals?
  • Tim: We've been working with a lot of new players this year, and we're still working them up to step into impact roles on the pitch. With the new format meaning a full day of big games, we'll need the full roster healthy and able to contribute.

  • QP: Would you say the biggest concern is just staying healthy enough to compete?
  • Tim: We did have issues with injuries at both Kansas Cup and at the regional championship, but ultimately I think it will be the strength of our second and third lines of quaffle players that will determine our success.

  • QP: What would you say Minnesota is looking forward to most about World Cup?
  • Tim: We really enjoy playing teams from other regions. In general, Midwest gameplay and strategy match up pretty well against other regions. Playing a variety of teams helps the team grow, and in the end it's more fun.

  • QP: Are there any teams in particular that you'd like to play at World Cup?
  • Tim: Any of the top teams in the West, including the Los Angeles Gambits and the Lost Boys, or some good squads from the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic.

  • QP: Is that because of a stylistic matchup? Or just a test for the team?
  • Tim: The West is a style matchup, and the others are tests.

  • QP: Well, I'm certainly excited to see your team play. Are there any "under-the-radar" players who could make an impact for Minnesota come World Cup?
  • Tim: I would highlight both Hallie Schley (beater) and Carly Eichten (utility/captain). They are both rocks on the field and make great plays game in and game out. We have leaned on them really hard this season and have not been disappointed. They play smart, work hard, and win us games.

  • QP: It's great to have players who the team can rally around if a match is especially taxing. Those kinds of players are invaluable. I believe that covers it! Thanks for your time, Tim!
    Tim: You’re welcome!

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